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Having tons of fun in the park with this beautiful little lady and her sweet parents…    

  • Don Hayes - Bright Eyes!! Face of an angel.
    Very cute poses and good photography.

  • Colleen (Mom) - I love them!! We can’t wait to see the full set. We really enjoyed working with you and Matt. Thanks so much.

  • Grandma Becky - What a cutie!!!!

  • Jane McCaffrey - These extraordinary photos actually made me gasp out loud!

  • Anneli - A'la Foto - How adorable isn’t she!!! Cute as a button! Really beautiful pictures with lovely colours and nice black and white!

  • Brian McCaffrey - Such beautiful pictures. I can see her personality in each one.

  • Robin Deferrari - I adore the one of her clapping. They are all awesome.

  • Crissi White - She is gorgeous! Love the pictures!

  • Jim McCaffrey - As an uncle and amatuer photographer… these pics are fantastic! Thanks Angela and Matt for bringing out the best!

  • Aunt Debie - Sweet Caroline! Your sweetness has been captured in these pix! Amazing!

  • Elia Martinez - Excellent pictures. She looks like the way she is beautiful!

  • Sandra Poulnot - Beautiful subjects and beautiful photography.

  • Tim McCaffrey - Fantastic! Those are great photos of a super-sweet girl! Love her eyes. Ask her to stop growing, please . . .

  • Stacey Hardy - Oh Angela– the memories this bridge and “pose” bring back. Our son, Keegan, was this age when you first photographed our family and it still is framed prominently in our home– tip toes and all. Keegan is 8 now!!!! More, now than ever, thank you for being a part of preserving our past!

Oh my, these guys are a whirlwind of fun.  We last saw them when Katie was just a baby.  Such a big girl now!  They were super sweet with us and each other, too….

  • ed - Uncle Eddie says great pictures!

  • Sharon - LOVE them!

  • Gram Kostell - So very sweet! Thank you, Angela, for capturing precious moments!

  • Jenn P - Gorgeous smiles and perfect outfits!

  • suzanne - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!! Thank you so much.

  • Anneli - A'la Foto - This is sooo cute!! I’m thinking first love! :O)

  • Maddie - David and Katie–these are GREAT!

  • Sarah - Soooo cute!!!!

  • MeMa - So natural – you really captured their personalities. Outstanding work! Thanks.

  • Aunt Jamie - You can’t get any cuter than this! Angela, you captured such great images!

  • nicole - Priceless. The last photo posted is magical!!!

  • Julie Peterson - What cute kiddos these are!!!!!

  • Sheri Haygood - Beautiful pictures of beautiful children!

Oh my goodness.   She is just yummy, huh?

  • Jen Stafford - These are so gorgeous. The lighting and colors are amazing. I always enjoy looking at your beautiful work!

  • Tira J - So precious!!!! Great images Angie!

  • Mel - Oh my!!! What a beauty! How in the world are you finding all of these bugs?!?! Breath taking!

  • Kathy - Angie, these are sooo ahhhmazing! I can’t wait to see the rest! Thank you so much! 🙂

  • Anneli - A'la Foto - Wonderful pictures with amazing colours! Love them! :O)

  • Christy - Gorgeous child and the first image definitely commands a WOW!

  • Hontie Lan - sweet biscuit, watch out, i’m gonna have to bite u bc yr too cute! mama is radiant as ever. such wonder daddy is beaming! love y’all so much..xoxox

  • Hontie Lan - and of course, yet another job well-done, team weedon!

  • Tracy Z - Cutest little biscuit I have ever seen!!!! Miss you Evans family. – Tracy

  • Van - The color and clarity of the pictures is absolutley amazing! Kudos to the photographer! What beautiful people!

  • Kristi - Amazing pictures, I want some! I love you guys.

  • Elaine Gates - so cute! just love the lil ones outfit!

We are so loving spring around here!  Matt and I had a super fun session with these three this week…. They found a little lady bug… and then set it free…

  • Anya Coleman - Fantastic photo!!!

  • alysa - What a fun session. The kids loved it and you guys were amazing with them. Can’t wait to see all of the proofs!! It will be so hard to pick. many, many thanks. Alysa

  • ES - Very nicely captured extremely vibrant photo’s in truly vivid color … They all just grow up so fast … Excellent pix …

  • Debbie Bromberg - GREAT pics !!

  • Jennifer - What great pictures!!!!!

  • Tira J - Wow Angie! Great images! I love all of the action shots, especially the last one. Are they triplets?

  • Rob Burger - Very impressive photos and if I were in Dallas I would hire this photographer, although I am in NYC.

    Great stuff!


  • UNC & Aunt B - Really special photos!

  • grandma schildcrout - My beautiful grandchildren were captured so wonderfully by your very talented eye!

    grandma schildcrout

  • Haley - So cute!! The kids are precious!

  • Lori Bergman - gorgeous pic’s!!!!

We are all so so so HAPPY that it is finally spring!

  • Shannon - Great shots. I love the Lady bug shot. I just recently shot a wedding where I macro’d a lady bug on the groom’s shoulder. It doesn’t have much to do with the ceremony or celebration, but everyone seemed to like it.

  • Anneli - A'la Foto - Amazing pictures! My favourites is the ones in colour but they are amazing all of them!

  • Christy - The first one is GORGEOUS!!!!

  • Helen Moore - Your pictures of the Moore children are beautiful. You have an amazing ability to capture their personalities as well as their precious faces in such a fresh way.