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Matt and I had the opportunity to go to a stunning home today to install the much-anticipated Acrylics Gallery display of Jordan, Joshua and Jacob.  I mean does this look awesome or what? The display consists of one 30×50 inch and five 20×30 inch Acrylic Stand Out portraits.  The color and sharpness that can be…

  • Alysa - We LOVE the work!!! The pictures are truly fabulous. It was such a joy to work with you on this project!!

  • Angela - We love that you love it Alysa!! We were so honored to work with your family, and hope to see you guys again! Enjoy that amazing home!

Finally!!  Yes, yes yes!  I’m on my brand spanking new ultra-fast computer.  Thankfully my old faithful went ka-put, so I have a new work machine!  My old guy had worked tirelessly for the past 2.5 years (really, a dinosaur in computer years), so a trade in is well deserved!  Thanks so much to our amazing…