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Man, what an amazing experience this was! I mean, who can say they have been INSIDE the Green Monster? We just love this family, and while we are sad to see them leave Texas and the Rangers, we are so excited to see them tearing it up on the Red Sox in Boston!

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  • Tira - Love these images Angie!  And it is so fun to see how big these kiddos are getting! 

The last of our Colorado Springs sessions of the summer was amazing!  Love this Houston family we get to see each summer during our photo travels!

  • Andrea Helm - Y’all are the best! Such a dream location and you’d never know a certain 7 yo was less than cooperative at times… Can’t wait for next year’s adventure!

  • Mat Tam - Stunning work. The last photo with the sun through the rocks is perfect.

  • Kimberly Burleson - so beautiful! I love this so much!The location is awesome!