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Matt and I had the opportunity to go to a stunning home today to install the much-anticipated Acrylics Gallery display of Jordan, Joshua and Jacob.  I mean does this look awesome or what?

The display consists of one 30×50 inch and five 20×30 inch Acrylic Stand Out portraits.  The color and sharpness that can be achieved in acrylic displays is just unreal.  Here is a view up close:

But I think to really get the gist of this house, you need to see the gallery from afar.  HELLO amazing grand home!  It is such an honor to have our work displayed alongside some very important (and large) art pieces in this beautiful home.  Thanks “S” family!   We can’t wait for the next time to play with the kids again!

We don’t mess around when it comes to albums.  Not at all.  I thought I’d share one of our newest studio samples, and the one that is creating the most buzz with our clients.   This is Stephanie and Matt’s maternity session….back in the spring when the wild flowers were crazy and their sweet Hailey was just a bump.

We use Leather Craftsmen exclusively for our album production, and with good reason!  They are third generation book binders who make albums whose quality is second to none.  So worth the wait!  Check out the new photo plate cover we are offering.  GORGEOUS!





Many thanks to our awesome clients in LA who sent this image over today.  I was so bummed we couldn’t be there to hang these bad boys….but…count ’em up!  There are eleven large canvas wraps on that rockin’ wall.


(Can you see on all the edges?  We matched them to the color of the beautiful blue leather ottoman)

Next up, we will be hanging our own wall-o-canvas tomorrow in our kitchen, and then we have another going up in the studio next week.  Clearly, this is my new favorite thing!

We count our blessings each day to be busy…..really, there are so many people out there hurting for work right now.  This past week we have had lots of shoots in the studio, but we have also been busy bees in production-land.  Here’s just an example of the awesomeness!  Check out this ridiculously cool 40×60 inch canvas gallery wrap.  Now yes, I am short, but come on….that is impressive!  Also in the works for this family is a print that measures 6 feet by 9 feet.  Yes, you read correctly!  I hope to be able to roll out that bad boy and shoot with a wide angle lens when we have it back from the printer…