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Loved seeing this fun family again!

  • Jill Karrh - Love love love our pictures! So thankful for these wonderful shots. Thank you! So hard to choose now!

  • Kara - Awesome pics! I love that the dog was included. The one with everyone walking is timeless.

  • Kristi Merrill - OH MY WORD!!! Jill they are amazing…beautiful family! She did a great job!

  • Cheryl Eisenmannn - Amazing photos!!
    Action shots and tender moments….
    We love Angela Weedon!!!

  • Jennie - These are AMAZING!!! Love seeing my beautiful sister and her family having a great time together. You did an incredible job, Angie!

  • Linda Dyk - BEAUTIFUL Family! BEAUTIFUL Photography capturing what the Kahhr family is all about…LOVE and FUN!

  • Katherine - Beautiful pictures!!! Angie is amazingly talented!!

  • Heather Lee - Amazing! Love the ones of you with the kids! Very sweet!

  • Tira J - Beautiful and fun images of such a fun and amazing family!!!! xoxo

  • Kathi Killion - Beautiful photos of my wonderful grandchildren and their loving parents. Love to keep looking at them. Thank you for beautiful memories we will cherish in the years to come!

  • Jim Killion - Great photos. Wonderful sense of family, place, connection. Fun and natural. Thank you, Angela, for great family photos.

  • Eileen McLachlan - What a beautiful family! You have ALL grown up so much since we last saw you. Enjoyed seeing the pictures.

  • Jim McLachlan - Great pictures. Love your work.

  • Ashley scott - Love all the pics. The colors all look so great! Hard to decide which are my favs!

  • Machelle Blaesing - WOW! These are amazing. I love them ALL. I can’t pick just one…..

  • Kimber Chamberlain - Beautiful pictures of a wonderful family.

  • Kelley Shamblin - Beautiful pictures! Absolutely stunning!!!

  • Ashley Crowe - These are just gorgeous! I love them.

  • Lori Dunn - Beautiful pictures! So sweet!

  • Natalie Weatherford - Beautiful family pictures!

  • Trista Hoffman - Beautiful pics!!! You really captured the emotion and fun!!

  • Jen Hicks - Love these! Can’t believe how fast the kids are growing!

  • Jill - These are fantastic. My favorite is the family walking away arm in arm.

  • Lisa Lowary - Absolutely beautiful! Perfect placement for the posed shots and love the candids too. Good luck choosing!

  • Emily - What wonderful pics of such a wonderful family!

  • Diane R - What beautiful pictures! Moments captured perfectly that you can treasure for a lifetime. I especially love the one of Jill and JoJo – but really they are all so good I don’t know how you will choose!

  • Starr Vernon - Amazing Photos! What a Beautiful Family! I love them all!

  • Amy Koster - Beautiful pictures!! 🙂

  • Noelle Dyk - Wow these turned out awesome! You have such a beautiful family!

  • Darcy Cowell - Love the pictures. Great shots of the kids and family.

  • Tophy - So who do we like more, the fam or the dog? well the dog is prolly fam so i guess that settles…the fam. 🙂 Looks like ya’ll had fun. sweet!

  • Jill Corey - Beautiful family and stunning photos!

There is no way this sweet family could be more beautiful or full of joy!  LOOOVE!

  • Heather - These girls are just so beautiful, just like their mamma! Love them!

  • Alyson Bagley - What a beautiful family. These pictures are amazing! I love them all.

  • Brenda - The girls are getting so big! I can’t wait to see them again. Love to all of you!

  • Amy - Love love love these babies and their pics!

  • Pat Meltin - Beautiful girls and photography!!!

  • Kallie Miller - Absolutely Beautiful Pictures!

  • Kym - Love these sweet faces! Precious family and pictures!

  • Adrienne Pulliam - Oh my goodness, I cannot handle the cuteness!! Such beautiful photos of this beautiful family. Love love love.

  • Lindsey Dyer - Angie and Matt are an amazing duo! Angie you truly captured each of my girls perfectly!
    Thank you all for your sweet comments!

  • Jen - Beautiful family inside and out! Makes my heart melt how they captures you all.

  • Barbara - Pictures are beautiful!

  • Florida - Love love love!! Jonathan, all four your girls are adorable!! Beautiful family! Looking forward to see more!

  • Louise - Angie has captured the essence of each family member’s personality and it resonates from the photos. What a joy to see!

  • Brittany - WOW! WOW! WOW! I’m in love with every picture!!

  • Doris Collier - What a beautiful family and how wonderfully they are captured in these lovely photos!!

  • Cheryl - Love your family pictures.

  • Allyson - These pictures are gorgeous!!! Love all of them!!

  • Lacee - Love these pictures, all of you look great!

  • Cristy McAtee - Love love love this family and these pictures!!! Beautiful!!!!

We LOVE this gorgeous family and were so happy to photograph Ryder again along with little Miss Lyla Reese right before her first birthday!  Mom and Dad are hair royalty here in Dallas…masters of their craft and about the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  I highly recommend booking an appointment with either of them….you won’t be…

  • Andrea - The kids are gorgeous (Tania and Matt)! Angela, you capture THE BEST photos!

  • Tania - Angela you and Matt are so much fun to shoot with! Not only do you take beautiful photos Matt is wonderful at making kids laugh and have fun. You both work great together and do Amazing work! We love you guys and always love out pictures!

  • Paige Brauer - What a gorgeous family inside & out!! Happy 1st birthday, Lyla & 5th birthday, Ryder!! Angie, we need to book another appointment with you…it’s been too long!

  • Krista Wolf - Angela, these pictures are beautiful! You captured moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. Looking forward to booking a shoot with you soon.

  • Matt tully - We feel very fortunate to have found the best! We appreciate your talent and professionalism. Special moments in our lives have been captured forever because of you !! Grateful ❤️

  • Rebecca - Beautiful family!

  • Gila - Tan,

    I LOVE these pictures. Can I post them on our MTD facebook page for other Music Together Dallas families to see?

  • Alvaro Munoz - Angela… These pictures are gorgeous… I’ve have seen the previous pictures that you taken of my sister Tania, Matt, Ryder and Lyla Reese and you do an amazing job. My Godchildren Ryder and Lyla Reese look so cute in these pictures.. And what can I say about my sister Tania…. Simply Beautiful as always!!! Matt looks great too. I would love for you to do a photo shoot of me.

  • Suzanne Martin - Such a beautiful family!!! Absolutely love these photos!!

  • Barbara Arredondo - Thanks so much for sharing! Ryder and Lyla Reese are soooo adorable. It’s difficult to get little ones to be happy through the whole photo shoot. They look like they enjoyed it. Love your family xoxo

  • Sarah Beauregard - Love this family and these photos!!!

  • Vanessa - Great photos! Gorgeous family and love the captured moments!

My gorgeous cousin Taylor traveled from Indiana this summer for her senior portraits, and I might sound super old here…..but I seriously cannot believe she is already 18!!!   I LOVE photographing seniors, and we now have a package just for them.  With the weather FINALLY about to break, now is the time to book senior…

  • Lauren Purrington - Where are you based?

  • Angela - Hi Lauren,

    We’re in Dallas, Texas.

  • Natalie Nounennady - How much are you guys and for how many outfits?

I cannot believe Crue is already two, AND he’s going to be a big brother very very soon!  We had such a fun session (early in the morning to beat the heat!), celebrating his beautiful expecting mama while playing with his awesome dogs. Next up is a little trip to their home in Alabama to…

  • Tira - Oh my goodness! Look at you Crue! So handsome and grown up! And your puppy dogs are awesome! Can’t wait to see your baby sister. 🙂

  • Paula Ray Byrom - Susannah, you, Mitch, Crue and baby Moreland are absolutely the prettiest family I’ve ever seen. Truly Blessed and it shows on all of your faces. Love and miss y’all. Excited about visiting soon.