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We had a blast with these friends in the field this fall!  It’s safe to say their newly-adopted dog, Bucky, hit the jackpot on his new home!

  • Bainbridge - Such a fun day, and we LOVE our canvas wraps!

  • Karen Jenkins - What adorable pictures of the whole family, even the dog!!

  • Ron Jenkins - These photos will make such great family memories! They captured the personalities so well!

  • Kimberly - Could not love these more. I was impressed 11 years ago when you made us all look sweet and adorable with newborn spit-up all over us, but the magic you made with two boys who are determined never to smile and a puppy that just won’t sit still is AMAZING.

  • Sheryl - Great family photos!!

  • Stephanie - Absolutely beautiful pictures.

  • tina - just lovely

  • Jentry - Absolutley perfect!!!!

  • Nancy - Great photos! I wish I could Jaedon to do a few with me. Lucky

  • Julie - Aw. So sweet!

  • Shelly Trenholm - Love, love, love these pics! The ones with Bucky are my favorites!

  • Steve - Great pics!

  • Nicola - Bucky definitely fits in with the rest of the superheroes in this family. Incredible pictures!

One more blog post today!  Check out the amazing fall colors we captured with this gorgeous and fun family in the field!  LOVE these guys!

  • Veronica - Love The Brooks family too :). Looking forward to shooting with you in the near future.

  • Monica - Loved this photo shoot. The Fall colors couldn’t have been more beautiful that day. Thanks to you and Matt for always making it easy and fun to “take family pics”.

  • Priscilla - These are BEAUTIFUL pictures. Every photo captures the love and joy of the Brooks’ family.

  • Tracie - These were such beautiful pictures!! The colors were vibrant and everything flowed so naturally! Definitely shows how beautiful the Brooks family is!!

  • Camille - These photos are beautiful. I love the mother-daughter/ father-son poses and how much fun it looks like the Brooks family were having during the session. Definitely on my to do list!

  • Vera - Absolutely stunning photos, as usual! I always enjoy viewing the Brooks’ family photo shoot pics. Thanks for sharing.

  • Christy - The kids look gorgeous !

  • Tasha - Oh my goodness! Where were you guys? These leaves are fabulous!!!!!!!

  • Candace - Beautiful pictures. Beautiful family. And I love the fall colors.

  • Christa - The Weedon’s do it again!!! This family’s personality is captured wonderfully through these pictures! Such a beautiful family inside and out!!! Miss you all!!

  • Lisa Scott - Great photos! What a beautiful family. I can’t believe how time is flying by.

  • Dawn - Great family photos. Love every one. Family photos have come a long way from the staged sessions in the department store. Love how the location shoots capture the spirit of the family.

  • Peggy Tolbert - What. a beautiful family. So. full of life and happiness. I just love. you all so much. I’m. so blessed. and so proud to have you all in my life.

  • Kristy - What a beautiful family! Just Beautiful!

  • kim - Gorgeous

  • Britanny - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family

  • Christine - Beautiful pictures. Loving the colors.

  • Aubrey - Great photos Brooks family. The kids are growing so fast.

  • Gwendolyn Dees - Stunning …. Very natural and non-pretentious …
    the color and the scenery absolutely beautiful … Family projects genuine love and happiness ….

  • Darnelle Parker - Beautiful family. They are growing up so nicely. Monica and Everett you both are doing a great job.

I was about to post this little guy’s one year session, when I realized I had not shared his 6 month session!  Oops!  Meet Danny, the happiest baby in America!

  • Sonya - Oh my! I love these Lise…his smile is a killer. Great pictures!

  • Marianne - You got that right , he is ” the happiest baby in America ” his whole face just makes u smile

  • Della villa - Great shots of Danny!

  • Lise Shanks - It’s true! The happiest baby ever! Thanks Angie and Matt for capturing his cuteness!

  • Soozee - He is the most precious little man!

  • Melissa Morningstar - Happiest & cutest! Great photos!!

  • Courtney - What a sweet little cutie!

  • Amanda Montgomery - Love his smile Lise!!!! Also love the moon’s

  • Courtney - what a sweet little cutie! xo

  • Megan Tucek - Lise, he is adorable! These pictures are great! I love the one in the basket!

  • David - DD is looking smooth! Great pictures!

  • Kristy Sammons - I love my DD he’s so handsome I love how these pictures capture his smile and how happy he is!!

  • Michelle Butcher - Oh Lise he looks so handsome, they did a really good job on his photos. 🙂

  • janna - These photos are INCREDIBLE! She did such an amazing job capturing our handsome, happy Danny!

  • Stehanie Shanks - Omg how cute!!!

  • Adriana - Oh My Goodness! Happy Little Man!!