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Matt and I just got back from an awesome trip to California to photograph one of our favorite families.  These guys moved from Dallas to Carmel over 4 years ago, but have stayed great clients and friends.   Here’s just a peek ….more to come!

  • Megan - Oh I can’t believe you were in California! I was just telling my husband that we will have to plan a trip someday to have you photograph our family! Shucks!

  • admin - aww…thanks Megan! Where are you guys in Cali?

  • rosegail leatherberr - If this is any indication of the pictures that you made of the family, I know I will be having a very difficult time with my selection. RoseGail

  • Megan - We’re up in Sacramento–not nearly quite as beautiful as Carmel.

  • Anne Story - Bill, your family is absolutely beautiful and WOW the photographer!!!

Another fun family we have seen grown from one little one to now 3!

  • Lezley - We love them!! Looking forward to seeing more soon!!!!

  • Katie W - Oh my, look at all those gorgeous eyes!! And I love the family shots, so fun!

  • kimberly - These photos are truly AMAZING and breathtaking! Angela Weedon deserves some applause – and Mom & Dad do too – your kids are gorgeous!!!

  • Kelly - Angela, seriously, I love your bright color/white soft skin combo on all your shots. Is this something you do in photoshop? Do you use actions? Just wondering. I absolutely love it!

What an amazing time we’ve had the past couple weeks…..we are so thankful to our own family for sharing such a great vacation and for the fantastic families we photographed on the beach.   Last night’s session was so great.  And since my own kids are going on their 3rd hour of an afternoon nap,…

  • Ruth Williams - Hi Angie and Matt!

    These images are gorgeous! So jealous of you guys because we love Rosemary Beach and the whole 30A area! You should visit my friends Shane and Marla Carter while you are there –

    Have a great time!

  • Beth - Wow! The pictures are wonderful. We are thrilled. Last night was a lot of fun, and, as always, you were so good with the kids and able to capture their personalities. We can’t wait to see more!

After editing their images a couple days ago, I can’t believe I passed over this one.  It’s gotta be my favorite!  You can just see the love for each other and the fun they have.  It’s exactly the type of portrait I’d love to have of my own family…. Last night we were rained out…

  • Kristi - Angie and Matt,
    Wow. We love the photos and are amazed that you got any photos at all of all 5 of us without someone in the ocean or rolling in the sand or crying. It was an hour of sheer madness but as is our everyday life! Thanks for capturing the love and fun. We had a great time at the beach with you and your family. We got home last night and miss it already. It’s supposed to be 105 today here in Big D!!! Enjoy your last days of refreshing ocean breezes and baby powder sand and good luck with your last shoot.

  • martie - hi angie
    your work is amazing! i think you captured the spirit of the childress fam. i especially love the one of brian throwing cooper up. fabulous photos……
    it was nice to meet you and your family.

The reason we actually came to Florida at this time and stayed at Rosemary Beach is all because of this fab family!  These good friends would go on and on and on….about the sugary sands, the blue-green water, the family friendliness of it all….till we said, “Enough already!  We’ll just go to the beach and…