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I mean really, could you just eat this family UP?  Julian is a wonderful big brother to beautiful Jasmine…..and I just love their gorgeous mom, dad, and grandmas, too.

  • Chris Evans - These pics are absolutely perfect. The love shines through!

  • Tracy Evans - My heart has just melted! Absolutely beautiful!

  • Fredricka D. - Toria–your family is beautiful! You’ll have a hard time choosing your favorites because their all great. I can only imagine the full profile of proofs!

    As usual, Angie, your work is stunning!

  • Angela Wonderly - Wow! Beautiful pictures! Beautiful family!

  • David - I am a really proud dad, husband and son. Love these photos!

  • Patrice Walker - Beautiful pictures of your family

  • Toria - Angie and Matt – once again thank you such an amazing job. Not only are the photos beautiful but you guys are also a beautiful team. You made us feel welcomed and comfortable. The order is coming soon. Just having a hard time choosing.

  • Spiceda - Toria beautiful pictures!

  • Felicia Latoya Brown - There are some truly beautiful shots in this collection. I especially love the solo shot of Jasmine and the ones with the grandmothers (what a keepsake moment.)

  • Rhonda - Wonderful pics! God bless you and the family!

  • Majaliwa - Absolutely adorable! I love the pics with the grandmas – precious!

  • Joe Strobhert - Diva Tyler,
    Your family is so incredibly beautiful! You are truly blessed.

  • Stacey Rice - These family pictures are absolutely beautiful. The joy and happiness just radiates from them. You can feel the pride and love!

  • Patricia - Absolutely beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! God bless them all!

  • Nafeesa Nichols - Oh these are gorgeous. Brought a huge smile to my face today. Love love love.

  • moniqua - theses pics are absolutely flawless,what a beautiful family!

  • Laura - What a beautiful family and such wonderful pictures to capture your love!

  • Mia Kristin Smith - Beautiful family! The kids are scrumptious!

  • Sheanetta - Beautiful pics….Very lovely family…

  • kathy g - Love! Love! Love!

  • K.Ward - What a beautiful family. God is AMAZING!! Be Blessed.

  • Diva Tyler - These pictures are amazing, they are beautiful, vibrant and totally catches the essence of my family. The poses are authentic and absolutely awesome, I was so proud to be able to be a part of creating these wonderful still photos that are so much alive with love that they will remain indelibly a part of our memories and family memorabilia

  • Roz - These pics are priceless! They will be treasured for centuries to come. I love this photographer’s work which has captured perfectly the tremendous love and beauty of this family.


  • Rose M. - This family is Awesome! and so beautifully Blessed! Angie you really captured the Love.

  • Laurinda - Absolutely gorgeous! i love it!

  • Kenza - A beautiful family

  • Vanessa Williams - Beautiful!! I so love seeing the addition of the Grandmothers!!

  • Nichelle Carrington - Children bring out the best in us because we see their smiling and happy faces, we light up wit joy too! Who could not look at these beautiful children and see love and happiness! Just lovely!

  • Yogi - It’s always so heartwarming to see our fabulous Diva and that beautiful family of hers!

  • DeMetris - Beautiful!

  • missy crew - LOVE the pics, Soror Toria! God has blessed you with a beautiful family!

  • Sabrina - These are absolutely gorgeous!

  • Gail Middlebrioks - Diva, the pixs are beautiful. What a lovely family.


Let the blogging marathon begin!  We’ve been super busy this fall, and I’m excited to start sharing a ton of the great sessions we’ve had.  First up are cuties, Michael and Kate.  LOVE!

  • Allison Statman - Amazing photos !!! They are so cute and quality is amazing

  • Ben - Wow. They are all fantastic!

  • Ashley Skibell - Thanks Angie and Matt! These pictures are amazing…. You guys are the best!

  • Andrea Statman - Beautiful!! All of you look fantastic! You look like an ad for a model family! XO

  • Lindsay Bendorf - Beautiful!! Love these pictures and my adorable and sweet niece and nephew!

  • Melissa Steed - Incredible pictures of such a sweet family!

  • Sylvia Trachtenberg - Beautiful photos! I want them all!

  • Alexi - Beautiful ! Love them all .

  • Sylvia Trachtenberg - Not sure last comment was sent ?

  • Jessica Gore - Wow! Great pictures of a sweet family and their adorable children!

  • Jackie Bendorf - What beautiful photos! I could admire them all day long!

  • Debbie Friedman - Love Love Love!! What fantastic pictures!!

  • Jody Wender - These are gorgeous! Kate in the tutu if my favorite!

  • Jeff Skibell - We really enjoyed our session and the results were fantastic!

  • Amanda Hanu - Such gorgeous pictures!! I don’t how you are going to choose from them!

  • Joan Skibell - Absolutely adorable pictures! It was hard to make a decision…


Meet Baby Dane.  He’s quite possibly the happiest little dude ever!  

  • Liz Christensen - Angela and Matt, these photos are more than we could have ever asked for. You somehow perfectly captured all of Dane’s sweet faces, mannerisms, and expressions. Thank you!!

  • Kara Schlueter - Dane is the happiest little dude ever! He is always smiling and giggling like in the pictures. Amazing photos of such a sweet and fun family!

  • Kelly Oleson - We could not love him more! What incredible photos! I do not know how you are going to pick!

  • Lauren - Such gorgeous photos! What a happy family. Love the pics of the little man “walking”!!!

  • Emily - Happiest kid ever! <3

  • Jenny Mooney - Awesome pictures! Such a cute baby and good looking family.

  • Betty Shepherd - Dane is the happiest baby ever and we are so glad you were able to capture his adorable personality so well. Fabulous shots!


All the way from England…..Cate and Maggie would like to introduce their baby brother Reid!  Mr. Reid does not have a problem with being happy AT ALL, as you can see!  What a fun little man!  We loved getting to see this sweet family once again when they were back stateside for the summer.  🙂

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  • Rebecca Conklin - These are perfect (as always)!! Great pictures of a beautiful family.