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Matt and I had our last photo trip of 2010 this past weekend…..all the way to Phoenix to meet this sweet guy for the first time.  Oh what a DOLL!  Boston was just perfectly tiny and sleepy and wonderful the entire time we were at his house. At first, big sis Berlin thought for sure…

  • alison - OMG could they be ANY cuter?????????FABULOUS

  • jules - love how you incorporated the bat and glove with this sweet babe! gorgeous nursery … what wonderful memories you have created for this family

  • Tatum Borowski - Absolutely perfect…what an amazing way to capture such a gorgeous little angel!!

  • Auntie Hope - What a blessing! I love you guys. These photos are amazing. xoxo

  • Grandma & Grandpa Ramirez - Thank you for these beautiful photos. Cannot wait to hold Baby Boston, missing you all and hope to see you very soon.

    ~ God Bless You

  • kelly Laird - OMG RIDICULOUS!!! not sure how im supposed to choose :/ you guys are truly amazing you even made his crazy sister look sweet!!!! Thats TALENT!! LOL

This favorite family waited through the rain rain and more rain in San Diego last weekend…booking an extra night at the {amazing} hotel and changing flights to go home a day late….and it was SO WORTH IT!!!  We LOVE  these guys.  I mean REALLY love them.  We have photographed them since the girls were 3…

  • Tira J - Ah! These images are so great! I have LOVED watching this family grow (up) on your blog. Really not sure where on earth A is going to put these pictures because her home is already filled with your beautiful work times 100. Can’t wait to hear what she does with these beautiful images. xoxo

  • HONEY - I LOVE the family shots. What a beautiful family! I can’t wait to see my friends again in the spring! Everyone is so photogenic!!!

Emilio’s daddy is completely tearing up the MLB this season!    Hello…..have you checked out our Rangers lately?  So not only was I excited to photograph this cute family again (this time as a special shoot for just little bro Emilio…..soon we’ll get to see the whole crew, big brother included), but Matt was super…

  • Jenifer Mabray - Hey there Angie! I love your work! You have a gift 🙂 I always send my clients that need baby photography your way. We should meet up someday. Where in Dallas are you located?

  • Angela - Hi Jenifer, thanks so much! Our studio is on the northeast side. Where are you?

Three more families from our Arizona trip! Here’s the “motherload”  (literally, mom’s van has MTHRLOD as the license plate.  ha!)  These six kiddos are way fun and we looove getting to see them each year.  They get around!  They live in Arizona, are from California, dad plays ball in Toronto, and his team spring trains…

  • alison mahay - Couldn’t even wait to open my eyes to see these! Peeked at 2:30am! You are AMAZING! not sure how you do it, but there isn’t one I don’t LOVE! Let’s start planning next year!!!!

  • tatum borowski - seriously……breath taking!

  • Tira J - Wow Angie! These are all so beautiful! I’d say that the shot at 12 Noon came out GREAT! Must be something about the Arizona sun. In Cali, not sure it could be pulled off. Did you use any fill flash for any of the images above? You are amazing!

  • angie - hey Tira,
    Yes I used fill flash on that second shot (leaf throwing), and most of the remainder of that shoot with the whole family together. It was a TOUGHIE lighting-wise, but the pics all look great (phew!) and I am excited to show them to the family.

  • kelly laird - SO NOT FAIR!!! what a tease!!!!

  • rachel logan - the MTHRLOD license plate is hysterical! and beautiful images from all these families!

  • Nicole Smith - I am speechless!