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I’ll have to say, I get a little nervous before we photograph older kids.  I don’t know…..I’m so used to the little ones and the antics involved with making them giggle and smile that I’m so afraid Matt and I will look like total dorks to teens!  Well, these guys (who we last photographed SEVEN…

  • rachelle - So I have been following your blog for quite some time now but don’t think I have ever commented before. I just couldn’t resist though with such amazing photos. I love the photo with the reflection of the boys in the water.

  • Raine - Same here! I’ve been following this blog for a long time and now I felt the urge to express my thoughts! I like your photos but I particularly enjoyed seeing this photoshoot! Great photos! Complimenti!!!

  • Cindy - Love these boys; Love these photos!!! Great job catching their personalities and their bond with each other. Very nice job! (can’t wait to see the Christmas card!)

  • Kelly Reed - Thank you, Angie and Matt! Not only are the photos artistic and beautiful, but they also capture my boys’ personalities and relationship. Thank you!!

  • Melanie wielar - These photgraphs are amazing and truly capture the personalities of this awesome family!!

  • Rene - Great photos! I love how you captured the true essence of brothers.

  • Anne Palles - I love Mitchels red shoes! Such great memories, Kelly.

  • Liz Vilmar - Brotherly love!!! really sweet to see them smiling at each other, makes you think they actually like one another—JK-I know they do

  • patti - These photos are really great. They have so much life and personality.

  • Liz Vilmar - love the water reflections too!
    Kelly- thats a ton of testosterone in that house, are you sure you don’t want pink tulips to counteract?

  • Laura Scott - What amazing pictures of these handsome young men! Great photography with great subjects. Bravo!!!

  • Zan Reed - I like the photos a lot! Especially the one where we are leaning against the tree, it is a really cool perspective!

  • Zan Reed - I like the jumping one also because it captures us in midaction and I like the water splashing all around us, it really shows how us standing there is a result of our jump. Sounds silly, but I really like how it was capturing our actions. It gives life to the photo.

  • Jennifer Royall - These are awesome. I love all of them but of course the ones with the reflexions on the water are just fantastic. The boys look so happy to be reunited and so handsome. Great job!

  • Cyndi Poe - Great pictures…wow, all the boys are growing up…seems like yesterday you guys were our neighbors!! miss the Reeds!!

  • Heidi Imhof - These boys are such fun and it shows in your pictures. Love bare feet!!

  • Claire - Absolutely awesome! Such great creative images too!

  • Lois - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. Love them!!

Trey + Taylor

LOVE LOVE LOVE  this family, these kids, this location, this shoot!   We’ve lost count of how many times we have photographed these guys… least 10 I am sure!  Maybe 11?  Anyway, the first was when Trey was a bump in the belly.  They have truly grown up before our cameras…..and I’ll tell ya, when…

  • Summer - You are so amazing!!! Everything about these images is gorgeous. I have been a fan of yours for probably 6 years, but I don’t think I’ve ever left a comment. I’m a photographer in the area too, and your work is such an inspiration … I love it all! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  • Kristin - these are beyond amazing!!!

  • Christy - {stunning}

  • rachel logan - i remember this family from your blog last year! i loved that session too! terrific work, beautiful light, great “posing”. they look fantastic. and look how incredibly they are styled! love how they coordinate but everyone is an individual. love the location too. perfect session!

  • Tira J - WOWZERS! What a great family session! And it is so wonderful to see clients literally grow up on your blog. And the area you were shooting? Beautiful! My favorite image is the very first one.

  • Angela - **Thanks** guys!! It means a lot! 😉

  • Aunt Shirley - You guys look amazing, I cannot believe how the children are growning and how well they photograph. Love you Guys! Beautiful session.

  • Corinne moore - I love these! Everyone one if them are beautiful!

  • Natalie - What a beautiful family 🙂

  • tracy cullens - how can you go wrong with a family that looks like that?!?!?!?!?!

  • Jennifer and Addison G - Beautiful!!!! Love the reflection picture! Beautiful pictures for a beautiful family! jen/addy

  • Auntie Caryn - The pictures keep getting better every year if that’s possible! Love Trey and Taylor laughing on the bench, so natural. Tif you and Skip look fab! BTW love the dark polish!

  • Asha - Love seeing these photos! I wanna see more!!!

  • aretta - i LOVE em!! always do. i can’t wait to see more.

  • jackie - you captured the beautiful happy family…they just get more and more dazzling and the happiness comes thru the shots!

  • Taylor and Trey's Mom and Dad - Well, guys, you out did yourselves again!!! We love what we have seen and can’t wait to see the rest! We feel so very blessed to have both you, Angie and Matt in our lives! Our children love you and look forward to our annual shoot JUST because of you TWO! God bless and see ya soon!

  • Jen - Absolutely stunning pictures! I do a collage of Christmas pictures yearly at work and I have people literally waiting to see the Cheatham family card… like the ones in the past, this year they will certainly not be disappointed! I wish you were in New Jersey!! 🙂

  • Jenn Hersh - To know this family is to love them. You did an amazing job capturing their beauty (in and out). Can’t wait for my own set of pics when the holidays roll around!!

  • Grammy - Wonderful photos that delight the hearts of adoring grandprents.

  • Jacqueline - Angie, you never stop raising the bar. I love this session. I wanna be like you when I grow up!

  • Angela - Aw, thanks Tif! You know we love you guys too!!!! Your kids bring us such smiles and we are forever grateful to you for trusting us all these years to your family’s memories!

  • Annette & Myron - We love the photos and the location is fab!!!! You did a great jo!!!

  • Annette & Myron - These are goregous photos!!!

  • Michaelle O. Johnson - ….From the ‘beautiful couple’ to the ‘beautiful family’! Your work is incredible and truly reflects the essence of who they are individually and as a family: Simply Beautiful! I have always looked forward to their annual family Christmas cards!

  • Tiffany - Angela, you are an amazing photographer! This family, filled with such personality and star power, must make your job that much more fun! Awesome photos, as always!

  • Brittany Stover - These are just incredible. How cute it this family? You captured them so well.

  • Allison Prince - Wow, these photos are amazing and such great subjects! Love you Cheathams!

  • Elizabeth - These are Awesome! The work is stunning and love everything about it, Family and all!

  • Michelle Selner - Wowie Wow Wow!!!! Beautiful family and beautiful images!!

  • T.J. - Great pix my niece and nephew are superstars! Skip and Tif you guys are aight too lol

  • Jamelia - These pictures are INCREDIBLE!!! You captured the love and the beauty of THE CHEATHAMS well…

  • Pam P. - Beautiful beyond words! You capture their love and family dynamics so well. Makes me happy just looking at them!

  • Patty Q. - These are incredible shots! A beautiful family stunningly captured by an amazingly talented photographer. I absolutely love them!

  • Phillip McCall - These are great shots…real works of art! The locations, activities of the family and individual excitement make this a treasure for them and all of us who have the chance to see them. I can’t wait ’til next year!

  • Jennifer Urbin - I’ve been following your blog for a very long time…and I apologize for not commenting sooner. Your work is beautiful! And this session is A-Mazing! That first shot Rocks! Quite a few of these images have such a strong commercial feel to them…love it!

  • mariana - how cute!
    I love the photos yuo guys look great!!!

  • catdaddy - whoa now! i thought only jesus could walk on water… trey done come along way from them angel pictures that used to be on skips desk… and taylor is 10 pounds of sugar in a 5 pound bag,.. whole lotta sweetness… love yall!

  • Shannon - How gorgeous is mom?! Holy smokes, what a beautiful family and great work. Well captured, Angela.

  • The Rashids - Love Love Love these pics! I will be happy if I can get the twins to look at the camera. I can not wait to get the final print in the mail. Love the Rashids

  • Jessica - I didn’t think you could top last year…but you did!
    Beautiful photos!

  • Sandee Rae - Wow! What amazing photos!! Such a beautiful family! Been looking for a good photographer, what with a newborn and all….thanks for the introduction to Angela’s work!

  • Karla - Trey & Taylor: phenomenal, very natural & creative shots. I love the background and how natural-genuine the pics/poses look. Absolutely, love it!!

  • Grainne Noel - Beautiful photos Angie. Your work is amazing !

  • Grainne Noel - Beautiful%20photos%20Angie.%20%20Your%20work%20is%20amazing%20!

  • Victoria R. - Beautiful pictures of the Cheatham family! Very creative and natural. You all look and are beautiful!

  • DC & Mario - Wow! We feel like we are looking at pictures in Ebony Mag! Beautiful Family! I love the reflection picture very creative.

  • Auntie - Those are the most gorgeous kids EVER (and I’m not just saying that because they are related to me!)

  • Samar - Beautiful Pictures!

  • Skip Cheatham - These are the most beautiful kids I’ve ever seen in my entire life! And I’m not just saying that because they’re mine! Lol!

  • Kelly Suh - Tifany! GORGEOUS!!!!

  • Sandy - I absolutely love to see Tifany’s family grow before my eyes. Your photos are amazing. I have known Tifany since she was in the 7th grade and she is as beautiful on the inside as the outside.

  • Kelly - OMG! I can’t get over how the kids have grown. They look like little versions of you & Skip. Photos are amazing!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Melanie - Beautiful!