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This family is near and dear to my heart!  Dad and Mom are some of the most talented hair dressers ever…I am so thankful to have this team on my side as I navigate the murkey waters of being forty-something and turning grey!  And plus, check out how stinking cute they all are!!

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  • Al - My beautiful family. Live them so much❤️❤️❤️

Such a fun and happy session with DR and his mom and dad!

  • Richard Avila - An All-American kid and family!😘

  • Anna Avila - Beautiful pictures!
    Loved the individual and family photos.
    Quality of photos is clearly outstanding.

  • Stephen Patak - Great pictures! Looks like it was an amazing day!

  • Kaylee Avila - I’m waiting for the modeling agencies to start calling for DR. These are such beautiful pictures! 💕

  • Lori Gier - Adorbs!!

  • Desiree Avalos - I love the energy in these photos…it makes you smile. They make you happy…
    The color of love captured at its best…Bravo!!

  • Yolanda Avalos - Very professionally done. It truly captured the Love for one another.

  • Ginessa - We absolutely LOVE and ADORE our pictures! Thank you so much for making the entire experience so easy and enjoyable. You guys did an amazing job of capturing DR’s true personality.

Oh man, I sure do love a session at Klyde Warren Park!  These cuties are the most fun ever, and huge props to mom and dad who didn’t let a bit of cloud cover and drizzle scare them away!

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  • Jasmine - I love your work. The one of the boy jumping down the hill looks like it should be in a magazine!

Oh my gosh, these three completely crack me up!

  • karin - Love the Brownies!

  • Joanna Norris - Have been an admirer of your phtography for a few years through The Browns!! Gorgeous photos!!

  • Susan - What a treat it is to see your children growing up. I look forward to seeing them become young adults and hope they keep those same sweet smiles and “attitudes”!!

  • Carolyn - Adorable!

  • Chris Dodds - Cutest ever!

  • Tonia - This family is fun! Love seeing how playful you all are!

  • Clayton - Love that Clarence passed his stylish ways to Evan!

  • Margie - Sweet photos — even sweeter memories.

  • Fred Wilkerson - These are fantastic pictures. Kind of reminds me of my modeling days! All jokes aside, they are really great looking pictures.

  • Kirsten Castaneda - These photos really show the kids’ spirit and joy!

  • Hayley - The Brownies are the cutest!!!

  • Shonn - Thank you Angie and Matt for capturing these FUN moments!

  • Leticia - Fantastic photographs. The personalities of the Brownies are perfectly captured.

  • Clarence - Thanks Angie and Matt. We love working with you.

  • Roxanne - Great looking bunch. I absolutely love the pictures. I can’t believe how big they are getting 🙂

  • Yoshaka - Love the photos!!! The pictures definitely exemplifies the different personalities.

  • heather - great photos! 🙂