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Patrick + Harrison

It had been such a long time since we had done a shoot at the Arboretum…….I think I’m in love with the location and this family all over again!!!  Such a TREAT to see them each and every year…

  • Laurie - Love, Love your use of light! Beautiful job as always Angie…xox

  • Allyson - Love them (as usual!)! The boys had such fun with you both! Can’t wait to see the rest!

Spring Beauty

After the MASSIVE storms that rolled in here on Thursday morning, we yet again needed to reschedule Miss Alexis’ morning arboretum shoot. We headed out in the afternoon for a 3:30 session. What did we find? Sweet light, incredible flowers, a cutie-pie giggly 3 year old…..and…..NO CROWDS! Yippee!

4 cousins+1 million flowers=one happy grandma

Our arboretum shoot on Monday was a bit like that superbowl commercial a couple years ago… know the one about herding cats? One 3 year old, one 20 month old and two 17 month olds! Super active, super fun and too cute out there in the midst of the most beautiful place in Dallas. Grandma…