I think it’s about time to start blogging some images of the cuties we’ve seen lately!  Here are beautiful Carson and her new baby brother, Decker.

  • Betsy deVenny - Angela, these are beautiful! Lacy – your family is gorgeous! And Carson looks a lot like you 🙂

  • Amy Moore - These are so good. The kids are adorable!

  • rachel - They are sooooo gorgeous Lacy!!! Very cute pictures 🙂
    Rach x

  • Connie Edwards - Ok seriously, can they get any cuter! Ah Lace, what a beautiful family! XOXOXO and miss your humor around here. hmmm wonder between Decker and Carson who’s going to get Mommy’s fab humor!?

  • Kilvia Jones - You all look fabulous Lacy!!!
    Carson and Decker are gorgeous 🙂
    Beautiful Pictures..

  • Jennifer - These are absolutely adorable!! Love them!

  • Laura Rutherford - These are great pictures – and really cute little ones!

  • Casey Casteel - Precious, precious babies, Lacy!! Great pictures!

  • Audra - Love those two beautiful nuggets!!

  • Andrea Ifft - Such a beautiful family, Lacy! SO Adorable.

  • Lily - SO beautiful Lacy!

  • Kathie Church - Great pictures of your family!

  • Kristin Skinner - These are the most beautiful children I have EVER laid eyes on! Keep making pretty babies Lacy & Jason!

  • Ashley Phelan - Love these pictures! So precious!

  • Kendra - Love these pics… So disappointed in the photographer I used now!!

  • Adrian Lindsey - These pics are precious, Lacy! My favorite is the family pic. I love the way Carson is looking at her lil brother. So loving!!

  • Julia - What gorgeous photos! I particularly love the family shot.

  • Molly Russell - So, so precious! Great work. Welcome baby Decker!!

  • Veronica Summers - Lacy – Your babies are adorobale! I love the family pics, actually all the pictures turned out great!

  • Kathryn - What a beautiful family Lacy.

  • Brianne - Precious pictures & beautiful family!! Congrats!! 🙂

  • Sarah Wallace - These are fabulous! What sweet pictures of a beautiful family. LOVE!

  • Ruth Puckett - Beautiful babies, Lacey. Pictures are awesome!! See you soon, I hope!

  • Amanda - What a beautiful family!! These are such sweet pictures! Yall are very blessed!

  • Brandi - So Precious!!

  • Melinda Dodd - beautiful babies captured by an outstanding photographer!

  • Sarah Bochynski - They are adorable! Well done, for sure 🙂

  • Michaela Stanwood - Absolutely precious babies!Such beautiful pictures!

  • Kimarie - So adorable, Decker is just precious and of course Carson is looking so grown up!

  • Kris Curnutt - These are truly sweet/gorgeous photos – WOW! What precious memories these will have along with many others to come. Their essence is captured so beautifully!

  • Janice Russell - Jason & Lacy,

    You have a beautiful family! The children are so precious! These pictures are great and Carson looks like a very sweet big sis! Can’t wait to meet Decker. Congratulations, Janice Russell

  • Shellie Carter - Oh my goodness, these pics are so great!! Carson is gorgeous and looks so proud of her precious baby brother!

  • Jenny - Best pictures ever!!!!!

  • Dawn Segrest - Adorable pictures. Congrats on a beautiful family.

  • Joan Dennis - Absolutely beautiful!

  • Linda Richter - What a beautiful family! These photos are gorgeous… truly reflect the joy they have… Carson and Decker are adorable!

  • Karen - Beautiful and precious gifts from above!

  • Ada - Look at those beauties! Very lucky Lacy. 🙂 Love the pictures!!

  • Lori - What a gorgeous family! Carson has grown up so much and is absolutely beautiful and Decker is darling!

  • Tauhidah Shakir - Too cute!!!

  • Leslie - Lacy, such great pics!! Cant wait to meet Decker!

  • suzanne thrasher - Lacy, I love the pictures. Carson & Decker are beautiful. Know you are so proud. Think that your mom thinks so,too.

  • Nancy - Lacy these pictures are adorable. You are all very photogenic. So glad to be able to see your whole precious family.

  • Jane Decker - These are awesome photos of two beautiful blessings that have added to our family. Very creative and artful photography that brought out the best in all at that photog session!

  • Susie Belote - These pictures captured the beauty and love Jason, Lacy, Carson and Decker have!

  • Marilee - Beautiful family! Love those precious babies!

  • Nancy Stone - These pictures are precious! Great photography with perfect models! These really capture Carson’s sweet personality. She loves her baby brother….

  • Candice - I love these pics so much – Carson is such a beautiful little girl and Decker is a sweet angel! What a beautiful family!

  • Christie Linebarger - Beautiful pictures! Not that you’d ever get a bad picture of those sweet faces, but Angela does amazing work!

  • Rosemary - What beautiful babies! Love has been captured in the photography.

  • julie - OMG they are so perfect… you are a very lucky family! xxoo

  • Sara Fisher - Carson is really stealing the show here – PRECIOUS!

  • Monica Popp - Precious pictures! Love them!

  • Marilyn Beaird - Beautiful pictures!! Looking forward to meeting Decker!!

  • Irene Papadimitratos - Lacy,
    The baby is adorable! I love these pictures!

  • Kelsey Coady - What a beautiful family! You were right Lacy….great photographer!!