So much beauty in one family!

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  • Malissa Henrie - We could not be any happier with our time spent with you and the results of it!!!!! Angie, you are spot on every time!!!! LOVE the pics!!!!!

  • Elonda Cassady - You make all my granddaughters look like perfect little Angels Lots of wonderful memories

  • Ollie Anthony - You always do wonderful pictures of the Henri family. So talented.

  • Linda Henrie - Beautiful pictures of precious granddaughters.

  • Julie - She looks like Ella in the first pic. I love these!! So sweet.

  • Shane - I am truly a blessed man!

  • Claudia K. - These photos are beautiful. Then again, you had a beautiful family to work with. LOL

  • Jen Russ - Amazing pictures!!!

  • Hillary - Your family is absolutely adorable! These pictures are amazing!

  • Christy Harbison - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!! Thank you for capturing these angelic faces!!

  • Traci Paulette - I love these children! You captured their personalities perfectly! Shane so content surrounded by all of his beautiful girls!

  • Susan Parks - Cute-Cute-Cute!!

  • Cathey Brooks - What a precious family! My favorite picture is the one of all six of you.

  • Kaytie Graham - These are gorgeous!! Such sweet, beautiful girls!!

  • Nicole Arenas - Your photos are beautiful and capture the love between your family so perfectly!

  • Lisa Rutherford - Exquisite!

  • Jenna Dunham - LOVE the pics!! Beautiful family!!

  • Wilma Parsons - Beautiful pictures of the Henri family, the pics are all great Love the one of Lucy and sweet Kate looks like Ella.

  • Amy Eckels - Lovely! Beautiful pics of a beautiful family.

  • Becky - So beautiful!! First one looks like Ella!

  • the growe family - Ps 127:3 Behold, children are a gift from the Lord; the fruit of the womb is His reward (and what a beautiful little reward she is)! Congratulations to all of you!
    Love, Pat, Anne, Rachel, Danny, Ellie, Tahlia, and Tori

  • Berta D.Young - Photog captured perfectly the essence of joy in the Henrie family! Beautifully done…

  • Melissa Pescatello - What a beautiful family, inside and out. Congratulations on the birth of baby Kate. She has some great big sisters and 2 wonderful parents.

  • Suzy Smith - Love Love….What gorgeous photos ..Malissa your dreams have come true ..Your little angels are so beautiful ..God has blessed you…love you’all ..xxxxxxx

  • Brenda Brown - Malissa and Shane your Family should be in magazines, beautiful girls with cute parents, the love of each family member for each other screams out in these awesome pictures. Congratulations on Kate’s arrival.

  • Marchele Jerome - All of the pictures are beautiful, each picture captures the essence of each family member. Favorites would be of all the girls together and family pose. Also wow how Lucy’s vibrance has been captured in her picture; it just makes you want to pick her up and hug her.

  • Stacy - Such beautiful pictures of a precious family!

  • Teresa Garrison - Just breathtaking – how can you ever choose – each picture is better than the next. LOVE the family pic but the one with the girls is priceless!

  • Nanci Florey - Beautiful girls!!

  • Kelly - Beautiful pics! These kids could not be any cuter!

  • Kathy McLaughlin - Esqusite! Angelaweed photography captured the essence of the Henrie family”LOVE”.

  • Diane H - It’s amazing how a photo can capture the personality of a family. Great job! Such a lucky man to be surrounded by such beautiful girls.

  • Diane H - It’s amazing how a photo can capture the personality of a family. Beautiful work.

  • Susan Overstreet - Pictures of the Henrie girls are absolutely beautiful. So enjoyed looking at them.

  • Mona L - A gift of glamorous girls! So blessed.

  • Cathy Rideout - Beautiful girls!

  • Linda Samples - Oh my gosh, what a beautiful family. Each little girl is a precious gift from the Lord.

  • Audrey Cauthen - These photos are absolutely gorgeous! This family is beautiful inside and out and these photos capture that so perfectly!

  • Jenni McGaha - Love, Love, Love, Love these pictures and this family!

  • Jill Jefferson - Gorgeous

  • MaryPat Bragers - These are wonderful. Of course, having a beautiful family doesn’t hurt! My favorite is still the one you (Malissa)showed me on your iPhone- with Cara kissing Lucy. 🙂

  • Jen Reiter - Four little beauties! These pictures will be treasured for sure.

  • ELIZABETH - these are the most sweetest pictures I’ve seen! the girls look amazing in every single shot! Love it!

  • Ashley Krajca - Awesome pictures and the CUTEST little girls!!! Beautiful family!!

  • Krista - What a precious family! Very gorgeous pictures!

  • Lori - So beautiful!!!

  • Alisha Nunnenkamp - What a beautiful family!! Love those gorgeous girls!!

  • Brianna Long - Love how she captures the beauty in your family! Precious!!