Campbell (5) + Walker (3) – Dallas Child Photographer

Finally!!  Yes, yes yes!  I’m on my brand spanking new ultra-fast computer.  Thankfully my old faithful went ka-put, so I have a new work machine!  My old guy had worked tirelessly for the past 2.5 years (really, a dinosaur in computer years), so a trade in is well deserved!  Thanks so much to our amazing families that have been ever so patient with me as I am SOO behind in the blog department.  Summer does that to me!  We had a great trip to Sea World last week and our summer travel craziness is about to start, too.  But!  In the mean time I have so much to show!

Check out these cuties!  Oh, we love this family and Matt and I  had such a blast with these two a couple weeks ago in the park.