Blake(5)+Libby(2)+Benjamin & Luke (Twins, 7 wks)

It has been a decidedly low-tech vacation (I forgot the iPhone in the car in Dallas and there is like one bar of internet service here in the hotel room), and I am convinced that this is how I need to live most days!  Without that stinking phone and the ever-present ping of incoming emails (that for some reason needed my IMMEDIATE ATTENTION just 3 days ago), we have just really really enjoyed watching our kids fall even more in love with all things Disney.  The people who work this place are freaking geniuses.  When our time here is up this weekend, I probably won’t miss the theme-manic hotel, the meal plan food, and the crowds.  But, we’ll cling to the awesome memories of our kids running adoringly to each and every character and the unbridled joy on their faces nearly every waking minute of each day.

{Oh, and even though this vacay has been low-tech, it has not stopped me from watching the (albeit not on DVR) finale of The Bachelor.  Are you KIDDING ME  RIGHT NOW??????}

Anyhoo, as we finally have 2 bars service, now is the time to upload some more sneaks from this last week.  Ahhh…..four kids, one of which is two and two of which are just past newborn!  A challenge perhaps, but not without its rewards!  It was so fun to see this family again who just doubled their kid quotient…..

One thing I love about the Texas spring… comes early!  We have the prettiest daffodils in front of the studio right now….

  • Dee Ann - Thanks for sharing, Angela. It sounds like you guys are having a blast on your vacation! We can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures – these were great!

  • Tira J - Glad you are having a great vacation Angie! Yeah, about the Bachelor, I got all caught up this morning with my DVR. Seriously!