Back to the park!

After a few rain outs, we are finally back to the park for the first time this spring! After shooting here regularly since 2000, we still have not found a place we like better. It has it all….great morning and midday light, a beautiful creek, bridges and stone work like crazy, climbing trees, roly polys, frogs, turtles and lady bugs for catching….and during the month of April one fabulous nearby house with dripping hot pink azaleas cascading onto the (public, thankfully) sidewalk. What else could we ever need???


So glad to see these guys again! Last time, Kate was just a little baby. They are just so sweet and kind to one another.

Little Shapleigh (1 yr)

Our third session with this cutie this year….we’ve seen her grow from a teeny newborn to a happy 6 month old and now a cruisin’ one year old. Next time? Well….she’ll be a big sister in just 6 months! Can’t wait.