Avery (3.5 weeks)

Oh sweet baby girl!  This pretty little thing has the most amazing head full of hair.   Mom, grandma and I wanted to really capture her as a teeny little newborn….all curled up…since she is so petite.  Well…..Miss Avery had other ideas. (she is amost a month old…..see the post below for more explanation on that!) I am so proud of mom and grandma for hanging with us for F-I-V-E hours to get these portraits.  Yeah Avery!  I knew all along you’d finally realize my warm and cozy studio was the perfect place to crash…

Hello new hot pink chair!  Aren’t you pretty?

And here’s one from the first four hours of our session……WIDE eyed!

  • Tira J - She’s a beauty! And I Luuuuvvvvv that new chair!

  • Nicki Smith - That head of hair is gorgeous! What a beautiful little girl and fantastic shots of her.

  • rebekah - what gorgeous shots & such a sweetie! way to go on the 5 hours – both angela & the family! 🙂 great images to show for all that patience. 🙂

  • Bo - It melts my heart to see these beautiful pictures of Avery. She is the cutest little thing in the world.

  • Dannah - Amazing! I don’t think anyone takes photos like you!

  • jen - Love the new chair, the hats, the blakets….all of it. These are awesome!

  • Jennifer Parke - I love the 3rd shot! So cute! Way better than just holding the feet!