Audra (2 weeks)

Babies, Babies, Babies!  Oh, I’ve had it soooo good in the studio the past week or so.  Such sweet little ones to play with.   Look at this beautiful girlie….Audra was so nice to me today.  Not a peep the whole time, just squishy and bendy and sleepy!

  • Lea Ann - Beautiful just BEA-UTIFUL! Perfect image for that little hat! Thanks for using it!! Love all these images! Well done!

  • admin - thanks lee ann!
    everyone wanting some gorgeous knits should check out lee ann’s etsy shop. beautiful stuff!

  • Ed Williams - Wow. That is my baby! I cannot believe that! Great work, Angela!

  • Judy - We love the pictures of Audra. She looks truly adorable. Thank you for doing such a great job for Liz and Ed and the very proud grandpas and grandmas.

  • Denise - Precious. The hat is wonderful and using the arm pose makes her size apparent….teenie tiny sweet little baby girl.

  • Ed Williams - I have had a lot of people tell me that we will forget how truly small she is now. Not with this incredible pic. We never will. FYI- that was and is the most bare skin anyone will see of me.

  • Brittany - Absolutely adorable…. wow, you do amazing work… and baby Audra is precious!

  • Heather - Those are gorgeous pictures, absolutely awesome. Audra is so beautiful!

  • Susan - Absolutely adorable! Simply beautiful! I don’t have enough superlatives for this amazing daughter of yours!

  • Brenda - Amazing pictures. Simply perfect. Thank you for capturing these blessed moments for Liz and Ed.

  • Sandy Maxwell - She sure is a doll. I look at the little ones and wish “sometime” that we had a little one in our family.
    Maybe my grandson that got married last June will give us a little doll like Audra. I know Bill and Joretta must be proud grandparents again. The pictures are fantastic, I’ve never seen any done like this.

  • Angela Fred - Oh my – those pictures are AMAZING! She is an angel and Ed you will forget how small she was so these pics will be a good reminder 🙂

  • Jan and Carl - Absolutely Beautiful-just makes your heart swell to see such a beautiful baby and know she is a part of our family…the photographs are outstanding! thank you Audra, Liz and Ed and Angela

  • admin - Wow, Audra sure does have a wonderful fan club! Thanks for all the compliments on the pictures too! She is an absolute doll of a baby, so good natured and calm. Although mom and dad tried to tell me she parties all night, and sleeps all day! Thanks again Ed and Liz for bringing her to me for her portraits! It was my pleasure to photograph her…

  • Diana - What a precious beauty in all her different head attire. Sweetness abounds! What fabulous original photos capturing innocent beauty full of grace. Thanks for sharing the photos. Audra is a joyful bundle of love…

  • Auntie Kimberly Sue - Audra-what a precious gift…I can’t believe you can bend like that! 🙂 You are ever so beautiful and I still think you look like your Gramma. Love you Liz and Ed.

  • Suzanne Tischler - I am so impressed with these pictures. Audra is beautiful, and Angela Weedon is a wonderful artist and photographer. I told everyone on Face Book to check out her website. I also told the wonderful staff at Whole Health Chiropractic in Garland. They have a mother to be, who is just precious.