Atticus (2) + Sawyer & Phineus (twins, 8wks)

We are at Disney World!  Having the best time, of course….and presenty battling a very slow connection here in the hotel room with 2 exhasted kids sleeping right next to me.  But it’s about time that this sweet family saw some sneak peeks from our session last week!  I’ve never had 8 week olds s-l-e-e-p like this for me before!  (they were born quite tiny…..they are just now reaching their due date)  What a joy to play with these three precious brothers.

Now, how do you tell apart 2 identical newborn twins?  You remember which one has the blue sharpie marker-ed toe!

Tomorrow, I will upload the last sneak from last week…..and there’s another set of twins involved!

  • Tira J - Hi Angie! They are precious. Can’t wait to see the next set. Have a wonderful vacation!

  • Lindsay - Beautiful! We can’t wait to see them all!

  • Mel - Oh my goodness, Ang! These pics are adorable! You are so dedicated and have such a passion for what you do . . . in my 8 years of knowing you, I continue to be blown away!