At the beach…Part 9 (the finale!)

What an amazing time we’ve had the past couple weeks…..we are so thankful to our own family for sharing such a great vacation and for the fantastic families we photographed on the beach.  

Last night’s session was so great.  And since my own kids are going on their 3rd hour of an afternoon nap, I was really able to delve into the images and pull a lot of fav’s for the blog post today.  

(this morning…..our 15th morning here, mind you….was the first that our 2 year old didn’t scream, “No beach!  No ocean!  No sand!  No dolphins!” and actually went out and had a grand time burying his mommy’s legs in the sand and floating on an inner tube in the sea while watching daddy fish in the surf.  Where was the camera you ask?  In the house.)

At last, feast your eyes on this super fun family.  It was well worth the wait!  After a rain out the day prior, we had absolutely perfect weather for our last shoot here.  Allison(7)+Caroline(5)+Will(4) are a total blast we hang with at the beach!


  • Ruth Williams - Hi Angie and Matt!

    These images are gorgeous! So jealous of you guys because we love Rosemary Beach and the whole 30A area! You should visit my friends Shane and Marla Carter while you are there –

    Have a great time!

  • Beth - Wow! The pictures are wonderful. We are thrilled. Last night was a lot of fun, and, as always, you were so good with the kids and able to capture their personalities. We can’t wait to see more!