Ashlyn(2) + baby(x3)- Dallas Maternity Photographer

What?  There’s THREE babies in there???  No way.  Ashlyn’s mommy looks WAYYYY too amazing!!!  Oh, we just love this adorable family….and now there will be so many more of them to love.  I’ll tell you A’s mommy is incredible.  I see her dropping of sweet Ashlyn at preschool….completely beautiful and pulled together despite the 100 degree heat and the early morning hour.  Which are perfect excuses for me to roll in unshowered and pony-tailed, without even the pregnancy card to play either!  Anyway, this sweet little girl is going to make one wonderful big sister soon….


  • Stephanie Wind - Oh my. Love the image of Mama and daughter. Just beautiful.

  • Tira J - Three babies? She looks incredible!!!! Just can’t wait to see all of them!

  • Kandace - These are absolutely precious Angela! Thanks so much for capturing such priceless moments of our family. And thanks to you and Matt for always being so great to work with! We can’t wait to see the rest!!

  • Chelsea Altman - Kandace has always been GORGEOUS and with 3 babies she is still smaller than I was with 1! haha She looks SO amazing and Ashlyn couldn’t be more beautiful. Love the pictures and can’t wait to see more!!

  • Dayna - These are adorable! Kandace you look great and Ashlyn’s blue eyes…WOW! Nothing is more beautiful than seeing the love between a Mommy and daughter captured in photos. Can’t wait to meet the Matthew’s trio.

  • Rebekah Mungia - Kandace,
    These photos are wonderful!Cannot wait to meet your angel babies! Ashlynn will be an amazing big sister! Love to you all.
    Rebekah and Kiddos

  • Jen Fiedler - These turned out soooo good! I finally get to you pregnant! 🙂 You look amazing and graceful as always and Miss Ashlyn is so cute! She has such pretty eyes. Love you sweet friend… hope you are hanging in there!

  • Patti - Kandace, Rob and Ashlyn,

    Kandace, you are so BEAUTIFUL! Little Ashlyn is just precious and she will make a wonderful big sister. I can’t wait to see more pictures….these are truly amazing.

  • Suzanne Johnson - Congratulations, Ms. Kandace & Mr. Rob & Miss Ashlyn! You are going to be a dynamic and marvelous family of 6 in no time at all!
    We look forward to visiting you and seeing your tribe as it has grown.
    Much love,
    Aunt suzanne & Gene

  • brooke - oh my goodness. the first one literally made tears roll down my cheeks (could be my own pregger hormones but MORE likely to be the utter MAGIC of that photo). what a precious family you already are… and about to be twice more magnificent. xoxoxo

  • Katy - these are absolutely precious pictures of a precious family!!!

  • Angela Garvin - So beautiful!!!!! Can’t wait for the trio to arrive!!!!!!

  • Libby Sales - Kandace put together?? Ha:) Just as beautiful inside as out-just like the rest of the Matthews crew. You all are so blessed. Love you and can’t wait to hear updates:) Rob, big hugs to your girls + 3

  • Jess lonergan - Wow!!! You guys are amazing!!! The last pic of you and ashlyn is crazy beautiful!!!!

  • Laura Kunard - You look beautiful! I can’t believe there are 3 in there!!! Rest up! Love you

  • carol cobb - These are all sooooo beautiful, Kandace – BUT the one of you and Ashlyn absolutely took my breath away.
    The total peace and adoration is so obvious – on both sides. I keep up with your progress through Brooke – can hardly wait to hear ALL the news – This trio is truly thrice blessed!!!

  • LouAnn - These are amazing photos! The one of Ashlyn kissing you is absolutely adorable. I always love seeing your beautiful family…thank you for sharing! Can’t wait to meet those precious angels!

  • April - Kandace- these are beautiful. What a joy to capture such a special moment in your life. You look amazing! We are praying for all 6 of you. I wish I lived in Dallas and I could have this wonderful photographer capture my Preston.

    Love ya. April

  • Laura - Kandace, These pictures are amazing! You look gorgeous as always! Can’t wait to meet those sweet babies!

  • Judith - This is precious. What a sweet moment.

  • Rob - So, so, so cute. I absolutely love the last pic. That’s two very beautiful girls. Can’t wait to see what the trio look like!

  • Kelsey - amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  • julie r. - okay, you’ve got my vote for the most beautiful family! perfect showcase of this joyous time in your lives! the calm before the trio storm. 🙂 can’t wait to see those babies!!

  • Leslie Valentine - Love the pictures! You look fantastic, Kandace! Love how Ashlyn’s eyes match your shirt!

  • Jennifer Lilja - very sweet! You guys look great!

  • Felicia - The family pic is my favortie. 3 wonderful babies, all at the same time. How amazing and blessed. Mommy is beautiful, sister is fantabulous and daddy, you are the best- what a complete picture of family and love. Thank you for sharing.

  • beth - hi kandace,
    we were so tickled to get your email and see these wonderful pictures! can’t believe how much time has passed since we were kids together and now we are moms! you and rob are truly blessed–i imagine your babies will be just as beautiful as you and Ashlyn are. God be with you always.

  • Whit Cummins - Love the pics! Can’t wait for the trio to make a safe arrival!

  • Aunt Tricia - What can I say? The pictures are beautiful and we are eagerly awaiting meeting the three newest Matthews’ babes. Our family just continues to grow!!! What a blessing.

  • Katrina Wilhelmsen - Love the pics! You look so great, K! Can’t believe they’re almost here!! Bet you can believe it, huh?!

  • Betty or M2 - You look great, but I knew you would. Cannot wait to see all those sweet babies. Give Ashlyn a big hug and kiss….she is a beauty just like her mom… you all.

  • Katherine - Kandace…these look great! Tres and I can’t wait to meet them. 🙂 We love you guys so much. I especially like the one with all 6 of you! Hugs and kisses

  • Phyllis Hoffman - Kandace what wonderful pictures. You look absolutely stunning and Ashlyn is precious. Can’t wait for the rest of the gang to arrive.

  • Sarah (Hart) Meijer - Kandace these photos are absolutely beautiful and so sweet! 🙂