(See that little bouquet of flowers Ansley is carrying the entire session?  Until the very end, I had no idea she was saving the flowers just for me.  Love her!)


  • Kate - Thank you, Angie and Matt!!! Ansley and James made several comments later about how funny Matt is and how they love Ms. Angie….I think they thought they were on a really fun play date with you two and you just wanted to take pictures 🙂 Thanks for making that afternoon easy – you guys are so good at what you do, and Alfred and I enjoyed hanging out!

  • Heidi Angel - So. stinking. cute. These pictures are gorgeous!!

  • Uncle Rich - Great pics of your fam!

  • Nana - Amazing pictures!! Even though Angela had a lot to work with – these are just beautiful shots (I’m not at all prejudiced!!).

  • Jim - Great photos! Some of these shots are unbelieveable. Good job everyone!

  • Popo - Oh they are beautiful, pictures and the family! Each one of them is so lively and natural, love them all!!! They did a great job 🙂

  • Alfred - Angie and Matt – We are so grateful for the two of you. Your talents shine through these photos. We look forward to seeing the rest of them.

  • Jason K - THAT is a good looking family! Even Alfred! Photographer gotz skillz!

  • Heather - Beautiful!!!

  • Steven - how do you get your kids to pose so well? i can’t wait till we can get Kansas to do that.

    i especially like the one of ansley and james running while holding hands.

    can’t wait to see yall this summer! oh btw, we’re visiting you this summer…like early June hahaha!

  • David G - The photos are beautiful, and they absolutely capture the happiness that is the Cheng family.

  • Peggy - Great photos. What a beautiful family!

  • Kathy Shea - OH MY GOSH! These are so awesome….if I must choose, think the very last photo of Kate and Alfred is THE best!!!! Still in love……my gosh, I cannot believe how big Ansley and James (Thomas–Alfred knows this joke!) are–they are beautiful and look so fun! I miss the Chengs!! The last time I saw Ansley she was a wee toddler!!! Thanks so much for sharing Alfred! (and Kate!)

  • Aunt K - LOVE! Beautiful family inside & out! Neat to see how the kiddos look more and more like A&K. Angie & Matt- you guys are super talented!

  • Jenn - Kate! These are amazing! I want one of all of you. And you absolutely have to have a copy of them running through the grass! Love love love these!

  • Tai Pa and Harry - Love the pictures! See you guys soon!!

  • Uncle Simon - I like them very much.

  • Yee Yee - Lovely pictures. Nice to see everyone is happy and smiling.

  • Uncle Albert - Nice pictures. Good Job.

  • Barbara Gaither - Beautiful photos! Kate so fun to see how darling your children are.
    What a precious family you have!

  • Susan Henry - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

  • Elizabeth Stroessler - Such wonderful pictures of a darling family…LOVE the shot where Kate and Alfred are kneeling with the kids!

  • Amy - Adorable! Love your family!

  • GG - Amazing pictures! Great capturing who they are!!

  • judy Fenton - So good to see you and your family, Kate. What wonderful pictures.

  • Susie Lipscomb - Beautiful pictures of your dear family. The photos are wonderful… so natural. xox Susie

  • Mary Ellen Kelly - Excellent photography! You all look so happy. What a nice, natural setting.

  • Debbie Imhof - LOVE these!! So enchanting!! Great photos, great subject matter!! LOVE LOVE!!!

  • Duang and Daniel - Adorable kids, cute couple! When do we get to see more pictures?

  • Ashley - LOVE these pictures and LOVE this family. The one of Kate and Alfred is a keeper for sure!