Anna + Rachel

Well, it’s that time of the year when I just cannot physically blog every shoot we do…..and that makes me so sad!  We are having a blast each day shooting like crazy and playing with so many fun kids, and all the time I would be spending on blogging is going towards designing holiday cards.  Amy, our assistant, and I are knee deep in them!

But, I just had to post these little beauties!  Their mom and dad have been our good friends for many years……their mom Ashley actually once worked with us for a while.  (I was pregnant with Ava, and for a good portion of that pregnancy I was on bed rest….and I can still remember Ashley nagging me to get off my feet as she slaved away framing collages.  Oh how good that bed rest seems to me right about now!)  Matt and I loved every minute of hanging out with this sweet family…..

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  • Ashley - AMAZING! You managed to capture their personalities perfectly AND make the session so much fun at the same time. We loved spending the morning with you guys. Thank you again! You two are so good at what you do!