An old dog learns new tricks

This Monday I did a first…..I traveled to a photography workshop in Omaha hosted by the uber baby poser  Kelley Ryden.   Now, I have been photographing newborns going on 9 years, but we can all learn a new trick or two!  It was great to watch Kelley and her sister Tracy work with these beautiful brand new babies.  They are masters of getting little ones curled into perfectly flawless bundles.   Shooting just for me was really refreshing and I learned a lot along the way.  Here are a few from the day.

All hands on deck!  Here are Kelley and Tracy securing baby Erica into a hanging sling

Most of my clients know this but………the only way these images are possible are with a “fresh” newborn.  I prefer to get babies in within the first two weeks. The earlier the better!  Images of one or two month olds, while beautiful, typically do not have the same qualities to them.  Pregnant mommies, please call us while the bun is still cooking so we can set up your newborn appointment about 10 days after your due date. 🙂

  • Tira J - Hi Angie! I smiled as I scrolled through each picture. What an amazing opportunity for you. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for your little “newbie” clients. Hugs from So Cal.

  • Nicki - How fun to get to spend time with Kelly and Tracy. I am familiar with their work and they do some beautiful stuff. These images you captured are really gorgeous!

  • Kelley Ryden - I’m jealous you’ve had time to work on your images from the class. Need to find some time and work a ton. There were so many fun ones to work from this 8 hour day in the studio. I love all the angles you got… these look awesome. It was so fun meeting you Angela… you’re so itty bitty and sweet!! Looking forward to see some great newborn poses from you!!

  • Laurie - I’m a big fan of Kelley’s work too. I probably check her flickr stream about 20 times a day…lol!! I think these are all great Angie…and I’m so jealous you got to see them both in action.

  • Christy - When posing newborns all curled up as in #1, do you pose baby’s feet/legs first, or baby?

  • Karen Cupcake - Oh! I wanted to go so bad!! Im jealous! ;o)) it was probably so much fun to play with curled up babies!!