Little Amelia was SOOOO sleepy, bendy and calm…..she about let us play with her all day.  I love that her mommy bought these sweet hats way before she was born!

These tiny baby Hermes shoes will fit her before you know it….

  • Grandma Shelly - Wonderful photography! What a beautiful angel.

  • Greatgrandma Ettajean - Only one word , beautiful, precious, adorable,cute,pretty, and all ours. You did a great job. Love you both. granny and papa

  • sunita liggin - Cute as a button. May such calmness and serenity be ever present for Ms Amelia.

  • Krescent Crucet - Oh My God Jackie!!! She is Beau-ti-ful!! Those photos are amazing. Congrats to you and Brian on your little angel. Enjoy this time, despite the lack of sleep, while it lasts- it flies by.


  • Brenda Burton - Precious!! How do you decide which ones are best? I wouldn’t be able to but, I do love the one with the pink hat and ears, or just the pink hat, or the one on the pink blanket and booties. I guess those are my favorites!! Sure would love to hold her!

  • Sheronda Scott-Sweet - Congrats!! She is beautiful!! I love the pics, they are going to make wonderful memories. Enjoy this time, because it does pass fast!

  • Christine DeVore - Brian and Jacque-She is just as sweet as she can be–a little angel to love. I think she looks like both of you!

  • Jeannie Hermoso - She is breathtaking…she looks like both of you 🙂 Welcome Amelia!

  • Emily - Just precious! Congratulations on your new addition. The photos are stunning! 🙂

  • Veronica Garza - Awwwwwwww – so adorable!! I can’t believe she slept through it all?! Many congratulations on your beautiful gift of life. I hope to meet her at the next SVdP reunion!

  • Sara Schneck - Beautifulllllllllllllllll

  • Susannah Winslow - Brian & Jacque: Amelia is just…heavenly. Best wishes to all of you!

  • MeMe - My beautiful grandbaby. I love you all three.

  • seana hartnett moseley - wow! what a precious little bundle! thank you so much for sharing these pics! i know you are enjoying her so much. what a lucky little girl to have such loving parents! i know you feel like the lucky ones! and you are! continued happiness to you! seana

  • Walter Kalmans - Welcome Amelia! Beautiful name, beautiful girl, and beautiful photography. Best to mom and dad! W-

  • kathleen - Wow, she’s breathtaking. Absolutely can’t wait to get up there to see her in person!

  • Ashley - How adorable! Congratulations guys!

  • Pattigram - What a beautiful baby and the pictures are so precious, can’t wait to see the rest of them. Welcome to our world little Amelia, you are so loved.

  • Momma - Oodles of thanks for the wonderful wishes!

    Angela and Matt:

    WOW! What an awesome sneak peak!

    Thank you for forever capturing our little one beautifully!

    –Amelia’s proud momma…

  • joel - The pictures are amazing. I particularly love the first & second photos. She is beautiful.

  • joel - The pictures are amazing.I particularly love the first & second photos.She is beautiful.

  • Dawn Pollard - I love this baby’s lips!!!

  • Jane - Ella Sweet Ella-Love the one in the white chair! and the one of with the green apple! photos are wonderful!

  • mark veal - you guys do great work! congrats!

  • Treena - Wow she is absolutely adoreable! Congratulations to you both. x

  • Andrea Dillard - Wow. Congrats. She is beautiful. I love her lips and all that hair. I can’t wait to hold her. Hope you guys get to come up to Oklahoma for the holidays. We would love to have you over for dinner. Hang in there it gets better easier after the first 6 weeks I think.

  • Amanda - Amelia is about as beautiful as they come! I don’t think I can pick a favorite…she is breathtaking.

  • Mary B - Just beautiful! First photo, I thought, oh she looks just like you, J. 🙂 Wow, congratulations you two!