Alyssa (6 days)

So alert for only 6 days old!

Alyssa’s daddy flies…

grandma has a rose garden…

mommy loves her beautiful girl….

{yeah!}  Alyssa sleeps….

  • Kristin - I mean, seriously…can you get a better pic between mom and baby??!!! How sweet is that?!!!!

  • Trish, Jesse, & Alyssa - Those are precious! Mom’s crying, Dad’s about too, and Alyssa she’s just happily burping 🙂

  • Tira J - So beautiful Angie! Love the shot of mommy and Alyssa.

  • eh - you take great pictures… every time.

  • Lynifer - Absolutely beautiful pictures, very artistic! Alyssa is gorgeous!

  • Lou and Susan Malinc - I’ve caught bigger bass than that kid !! But none quite as pretty….
    We are very happy for you two. A truly beautiful baby and a blessing for us all !! Lou and Sue.

  • Gwen & Greg - We are so touched…your princess is an absolute angel! The photos are beautiful, and we can’t wait to see all of you…until then…take care! Love and Hugs to everyone!

  • J&J Redding - Alyssa is just beautiful! Congratulations Trish and Jesse!