Are you kidding me with this cuteness?  So so glad Miss Alison and her parents drove all the way up from Houston once all the ice melted!

  • Brett Chandler - Angela and Matt – thank you so much for the amazing pictures of Alison. She is so precious to Lisa and me, and no one can capture that in a picture like you two do.

  • DeWayne Everage - Wow, Brett! She is beautiful. I’m so happy for you guys!

  • Brian Christen - She’s adorable! I especially like the way her hair is starting to curl over her ears, and how she looks directly into the camera with her big blue eyes..

  • Sean Ellis - Brett: Pic #3 and the last one are precious. Beautiful eyes!

  • Heather Schmidt - Fantastic pictures! She is sooooo cute!

  • Kerry - Such a cutie with those big baby blues ! Amazing photos…

  • Shannon Foster - Okay…we must give props to Angela and Matt such creative talent! BUT Miss Ali is all that and a bag of chips too!
    Seriously, I cried looking at these amazing shots!
    She looks like she was dropped straight from heaven.
    Those eyes are like jewels.
    All the pics are great but I do like the last one with dad.
    Her look says it all….”I’ve got him wrapped around my finger!”.
    Thanks so much for sharing, it made my day!!!

  • Amy Cleaveland - Knock out eyes! She is beautiful, just like her Mommy! Lisa, love the mother/daughter picuture’s too – priceless!

  • Doris Goode - Oh, my goodness, Brett & Lisa, she is adorable. I see Brett all over that child. Congratulations!!

  • Lisa Chandler - Angela and Matt- thank you so much for the amazing pics of Alison! It was too much fun watching you work! You guys are a great team and it shows in the special pics you capture of our sweet angel :). I can hardly wait to see the rest!!! Thanks again!

  • Doug Chandler - I guess as a granddad, I am biased, but the pics are great. The photographer did a great job, but who wouldn’t with such a beatiful subject.

  • Krissie Langdon - These pictures are fantastic! She is so beautiful and those eyes are something else! Thank you so much for sharing the pics!

  • Donna lloyd - Love them all, especially mommy and Alison!

  • Kimberly McCampbell - Allison is beautiful like her mommy! Those baby blues are so gorgeous, all the pics turned out wonderful! my favorites are the third and the last one if I had to pick but they are all adorable…:)

  • Derryl Cleaveland - What a beautiful baby. Those blue eyes…wow!

  • peter vine - Now that is a pretty good looking pair of girls, they say good things are worth waiting for and it sure looks like Alison was worth waiting for. She is cute enough to be Australian!!

  • Stephanie Obabkov - I can’t believe how great those pics turned out! Of course, Ali is so gorgeous anyway…I CAN’T wait to see more! I might have to think about a trip to Dallas for Evan…hmmm

  • Jennifer Marbach - Wow! Alison has really grown since we saw her last. She is so pretty. The pictures are awesome. I am going to have to check out this photographer.

  • Tina Fraser - What a beauty – her eyes are amazing! Angela and Matt – we love your work – will have to get back to visit when in TX again – but we’re so glad that Alison was photographed by you guys! She is a doll in person – and you captured her personality on camera!

  • Chase - Great pics guys! She’s beautiful.

  • Roberta Hardin - Beautiful!!! Love these pics!

  • Diane Pargin - These pics are so precious, Lisa and Bret, they did such a fantastic job! Alison is so beautiful!

  • Brian, Payton, and Joann Wilson - Alison looks absolutely beautiful.The pictures are wonderful. Yall’s DNA was a perfect match to create such a masterpiece.We are in love with those baby blue eyes. Brett, you are so blessed to have two beauties like Lisa and Ali in your life.

  • Judie Oleyar - A picture is worth a thousand words!In this case maybe a million or more! She is such a natural beauty! Her expressions are just priceless. I can’t wait to see the rest! Love you, Mom

  • Kim Oleyar - Such perfect pics-great lighting and composition! Although it would be impossible to mess up shots of Ali 🙂 I think she’s a natural! Those eyes are amazing!

  • Mike Payne - Alison is adorable and these are great pictures. Those big blue eyes are something else. Shawn and I are so happy for you all.

  • Jodi Oleyar - OMG! Those are the most precious pictures! She is absolutely beautiful!!! Oh,and her momma too! I cant say enough about how much I LOVE these pics! Cant wait to see the rest!!

  • Lauren Tracy - Wow! Those pictures are gorgeous. She is so darling, and you look beautiful. I hope you gave these pictures as gifts to your mom and dad. LT

  • Steve Stefanski - Those are great!!!

  • John Oleyar - The pictures are super. They really had a beautiful subject and
    did a nice job of capturing her beauty and personality!

  • Peggy Kersten - OMG, I have never seen such a beautiful baby. You can tell she looks after her mum 🙂

    You must be really proud!

  • Dee - She’s beautiful!

  • Sunny Knocke - What gorgeous photos! Matt and Angie did an incredible job once again! Ya’ll will cherish these photos forever!