Alex + Sebastian + Dominic

In the four years that have past since we’ve seen this crew……they have G-R-O-W-N.  Check my facebook page to see what I mean!

  • Alison Clarke - The pictures are so incredible. These are my wonderful
    Grandkids and they make me so proud and happy.
    Such a gifted photographer. Thank you.

  • Audrey Duffell - As always, Angela you have made me so happy. They are fantastic. Thank you….:-)

  • debbie - These photos took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. Oh how I miss you all. BEEEEUTEEEFUL!

  • Sandi Herrera - OMG Audrey! You look SO HOT! NO wonder I think moms are so frickin sexy!!! You look absolutely beautiful! And I love the first pic of the kids (that pic says IT ALL)!

  • Constance Schéré - My, my. How time flies ! You all look great. I can’t believe how handsome the boys are now ! And Alexandra looks so much like Audrey, it’s uncanny. Gros bisous, x.

  • Janet - These pics are great! Anglea does incredible work.

  • tardivel - Hello !!!

    Whaouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!! Which happiness to see you on these pictures !!!
    I hope that you go all very well !


    Delphine (the babysitter from chainaz !)