Our third gorgeous Phoenix family.  It doesn’t seem like seven months since we saw them last

  • Heidi Stone - Ahhhhhh, GORGEOUSNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Javier Ley-Soto - The girls are beautiful. Great pics of the family!

  • Will Thomas - Great pictures, you guys are one beautiful family!

  • Valorie - You guys look great!!!!!

  • Dey Lopez - Yall take the best family photos!! Such a beautiful family. Love all of you.

  • Summer Ross - BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Gorgeous little family!!!!! 🙂

  • Jennifer - AWW! What beautiful pictures! So cute! 🙂

  • joyce - you guys are the first family of photos I am gald the girls look like you nat

  • Cherry Tate - That is a beautiful family right there…

  • Lillian Vitagliano-Baum - Natalee & Dontrelle: These are absolutley amazing pictures…God bless your beautiful famil…now, all we want for Christmas is another grandchild!!! We ylove you, Reese & Mum

  • Shannon - Aww! Beautiful pictures!!!

  • Amy Somek - This is a picture perfect family!!!

  • Jaime - Awwwww love them espically dri pinchin dw nose

  • Monique Cosgriff - Is there a cuter family out there? So beautiful!

  • Bernardo Reynoso - Life is great and so are these pictures. Thanks for sharing your family.

  • Lindsay - Wat a cute family my little family will be here wit my first.. Girl!!

  • Andre - Beautiful pictures.. what a photogenic Family

  • Jonathan - Love u aunt nat and uncle donny the pictures of the family are so cool

  • heather - Precious**** <3

  • Mazonie Franklin - omg this is too beautiful jazzy is so big already….

  • Eileen finley - Natalie, look at your beautiful family. I havent seen or talked to you in years, but have thought of u often. Hope you are well and happy. Love, eileen xoxo