Answers to Common Questions

Q- Do you sell digital, high resolution images? Do you sell a CD of all the images from a session?

A- Yes and No.  Please read on-

We always provide a digital copy of the images you order (as prints, wall art or in an album) that are sized to easily share with friends and family on social networking sites or through email. They have a small watermark and are not sized to print.

Each final portrait that we produce is perfected by our own in-house, full time retoucher who has over twenty years of experience. While many photographers provide the entirety of digital files from a session without each being fully perfected, we are not comfortable releasing high resolution images for enlargement without them being brought to our exacting standards.

We do offer all of a session’s digital proof files sized in a resolution that can be printed up to 5×7, after a threshold investment in art or albums has been met.  More information can be found on our pricing page.

We certainly understand the interest in having an archival disc of all the images. However, our desire is that our clients take advantage of our expertise, developed over many years, to create tangible wall art and heirloom albums that can be passed down to your children, rather than receiving a disc of images that inevitably sits in a to-do pile for months or even years (trust us, we are guilty of that as well!).

Q- I’d like to get birth announcements of my baby (or holiday cards of my family), but I’m not interested in wall portraits or an album at this time. Can I schedule a mini appointment?
A- We’re so sorry, but to provide the kind of personal and artistic service we do for our clients, we limit our schedule and only book full sessions. We have a minimum portrait purchase requirement of $750 before ordering cards.

Q- Do you offer a baby plan?
A- While we do not offer a set number of sessions during the first year, we always discount our repeat sessions by $100. Favorite times to consider photographing your baby are newborn (1-2 weeks), sitting up (6-8 months) and walking (12-18 months).

Q- What is the ordering process like?
A- During your portrait session, we will schedule a time for you to come back to the studio and view your proofs. (This is typically about a week later.)  We usually proof 50-80 images from a session. We are unique in our ordering process in that we do not require you to place an order this first time you see your portraits. We truly value the investment our clients make and want it to be an informed, and not rushed, one. During your proofing appointment, you will see a slideshow of your images and receive a bound proof booklet (not photographic prints) of all your images. Within the proof booklet are artist suggestions for wall portraits, collages and collections of specialty products like canvas gallery wraps. We also provide you with a password-protected online ordering gallery at this time. We ask that your final order is received about a week after your proofing appointment, and it can be received via your online gallery, e-mail, fax, or an in-person ordering appointment. We are always available to visit your home to design a perfect wall display.

Q- How old should my baby be for a newborn session?
A- The ideal time is when your baby is 7-14 days old. A fresh, teeny newborn sleeps very well and is able to be curled up in daddy’s hands or placed in sweet baskets much better than an older baby. We love photographing all babies, but we can say that most babies 3-8 weeks old just don’t love the process of a photo shoot. Older babies are much harder to settle, and typically will not tolerate being handled while sleeping. There are exceptions, of course, and we always produce beautiful images from every session. A session just goes considerably smoother when the baby is very young.

Q- When should I schedule our newborn appointment?
A- Please call or email us to book while you are still pregnant. We will pencil in a time for your session about a week after your due date. If your baby comes early, just let us know as soon as you can, and we will reschedule as needed.

Q- When is the best time for a maternity session?
A- We love to photograph all mommies-to-be, but we suggest planning your appointment for when you are showing quite well, but are still comfortable. All ladies are different, but typically that is around 28-36 weeks.

Q- My family’s special place is at the beach/mountains/etc. Do you travel?
A- Yes, we love to travel for our sessions. Please call us for a quote and to discuss your ideas.

Q- I love all the hats and knits I see on the babies on your site. Do you provide those?
A- Yes, we do have a lot of precious knits to be used during newborn appointments, but it’s always special to bring your own too! You can find hundreds of beautiful knits on for your session if you’d like to bring your own.

Q- Do you offer workshops or in-person mentoring for other professional photographers?
A- Our schedule is very full with taking care of our clients and raising our family, so we do not. We are always happy to help when we can, and welcome specific questions from other photographers via email. We try our hardest to answer each one.

Q- What is  in your gear bag?
A- Canon 5D Mark III, 50mm 1.2, 85 mm 1.8, 100mm 2.8, 70-200mm 2.8, 16-35mm 2.8, 24-70mm 2.8. In studio we use photogenic lights and our main light is encased in a 4×6 foot soft box.

Helpful hints for your session

  • Cream photographs better than white.
  • Clothes that feel and look soft (cream, beige or pastel knits) create cozy, soft portraits. Clothes that have bright colors and patterns create fun and energetic portraits.
  • Solid or patterned shirts are much preferred to ones with writing or characters.
  • Including family blankets (a baby blanket for a newborn session or a family quilt for a field session) helps to personalize a session.
  • Peter Pan collars on little ones tend to stick up in all the wrong places; and pressed, smocked outfits tend to get wrinkly.
  • Bandeau tops, long skirts, scarves and pretty undergarments are perfect for maternity sessions.
  • Try to consider your decor, color scheme, and “feel” of your home while choosing your outfits. This is helpful for planning wall portrait displays.
  • More than one outfit change is too many for a child during a session. It’s better to use that energy on having fun in front of the camera.
  • Before a newborn session, dress your baby in just a diaper and onesie if possible, feed her, and then put her in the carseat. Please bring her into the studio while still in her carseat.
  • If your newborn takes a pacifier (or if you intend on using one eventually), please bring it to the session.
  • Please bring a toddler’s favorite toy that can be incorporated into portraits. Wooden and retro toys photograph great!
  • For an outdoor session, feel free to bring an “activity” for the family to do together…kite flying, playing ball, anything that makes your family unique.
  • Take pictures of walls around your home with your smartphone and note dimensions. We can virtually show you what portrait displays will look like before ordering.
  • Breathe and have fun! The most fabulous family portraits happen when everyone is tension free and having a great time. We’ll take care of getting the kids happy and having a blast; a parent’s job is to just relax and let us “do our thing.”

All text and images © Angela Weedon Photography 2017