Monthly Archives: November 2014


I’m taking a little break from the camera to let the internet know that we are still alive!  It’s been too quiet on the blog, but that’s because we are in the thick of our busiest time of year.  We love it but it’s a whirlwind!  Check out this fave family!  We love them, and were…

  • Keith Brashier - I love these photos!

  • Leigh Mitchell - These pictures are fantastic!

  • Kara Hart - Aww, love these!! They’re one of my favorite families too – you did a great job at capturing their personalities!

  • Mary Beth Wagner - Beautiful pictures and beautiful family!!

  • Judy Brashier - These are beautiful pictures made at a beautiful site that capture the many facets of their personalities! Fantastic!

  • Connie Roper - Beautiful as always! Love Adriatica….

  • Gayle Slagle - The pictures are beautiful!!