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We were so happy to catch up with High School Senior, Parker, while in Florida.  How fun to have senior portraits at the beach?!!  We are now booking limited senior portrait sessions for the remainder of the summer and the fall.  Contact us asap for details, as we are excited to offer a new senior portrait…

  • Deanna Nussbaum - Absolutely stunning photos!

  • Kristen Heard - Ahhh….loooove them all! How will I ever choose????

  • Carol Branning - Absolutely beautiful!!! Couldn’t pick out a favorite if I had to.

  • Kim Selzer - Beautiful pics– beautiful girl!!

  • Kris Denzer - Beautiful Pics Parker!! How lucky you got to do them at the beach! Love ❤️

  • Misti Sloan - Beautiful! Love them all

  • Cyndi Walton - Beautiful! How fun to be in Florida for senior pics.

  • Taylor Phillips - Beautiful!

  • Lisa Westfall - Beautiful! Pics capture how Parker shines from the inside out.

  • kendra - These are so fun! Such a beautiful girl!

  • Casey Babler - Love them all!

  • Deborah Weitzel - Amazing!! You will need to purchase each and every one!

  • Dusty Holliday - Great pictures! Parker is a beautiful girl inside and out. You captured her perfectly.

  • Kathy Penney - Stunning! Love the one with the guitar!

  • Stacey Stephens - Amazing pictures!! She is beautiful!!!

  • Noel Pierce - Wow! How will you ever choose? So many beautiful ones!

  • Elisa Heard - The pictures are PRICELESS! They captured her perfectly.

  • Jackie Woodard - Gorgeous!!! How are you ever going to choose!

  • Allison Sullivan - Sooo pretty! Beautiful Parker + talented Angela= Perfection

  • Kathleen Evans - These are STUNNING of Miss Parker Jane!! Her personality and beauty just SHINE through these amazing photos!! FABULOUS!!!

  • Tanya Smitherman - So gorgeous! I don’t know how you are going to choose. The ocean pics really capture Parker’s spirit!

  • Kristen weichel - Can not pick a favorite. They are all beautiful. Perfection.

  • Charla - Love the pics of beautiful Parker!!!!!!! So stunning!!!!

  • Veronica - These really are beautiful!

  • Kendall - Beautiful picture of a beautiful subject! Great location too!

  • Tina McCracken - Beautiful Pictures!! To hard to pick a favorite.

  • Lisa Hoffman - Gorgeous girl and photos!!

  • Julie Brown - Beautiful girl, beautiful beach and one very talented Angie!

  • Jon Heard - My pretty girl! Great job! Love all the photos!

  • Angie Woodliff - Such lovely pictures of such a beautiful girl! Gorgeous!!

  • Dea Kelly - I love looking over her shoulder. Kinda has a bit of sass in her expression!

  • lisa warner - Lovely…all of them!!!

  • Rhonda Hatton - The Weedons have done it again! They perfectly captured Parker’s personality! They are so beautiful it will definitely be hard to choose.

  • Tani Bove - The pictures are great! Anxious to hear what you are doing for seniors this year.

  • Kim Pino - Beautiful!!!!

  • Susan Shipley - Love these pics!!!

  • Martha Heard - Proud grandma of Parker Jane; wonderful photos

  • Tammi Starnes - These pics are amazing! They will provide a lifetime memory. Wonderful!

  • Lori Holmes - What amazing pictures! Parker looks gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  • Amanda Smith - Wow! Absolutely stunning!

  • Candace Winslow - Love these beach portraits and the personality each shot captures of Parker….beautiful!!

  • Pam Troop - Some of the best senior photos I have ever seen!!

  • Hannah - Parker is so naturally beautiful! What a beautiful scenery!

  • Nana Morton - My beautiful grandchild! Can’t believe she’s going to be a Senior. I love every single one of these! Gorgeous photos.

  • Ron Evans - Love them all!!! Jon will need a baseball bat to keep those hairy legged boys away!!

  • Molly Kate Evans - Awesome!

  • Jeri Steffen - This was one of the most beautiful & angelic photo sessions I have ever seen! Parker shows who she really is in these photos! I hope she realizes how beautiful she really is! Her inner beauty come through in this montrage!


With all this summer travel I’ve gotten pretty behind on blogging all the great sessions we’ve had, so I really need to get going on showing off our fabulous Florida beach sessions we had a couple weeks ago!  Here are adorable Michael and Kate along with their sweet mom and dad……there might not be anything more…

  • Lindsay Bendorf - The pictures are amazing!! Love seeing my adorable niece and nephew having fun at the beach!

  • Jackie Bendorf - They are all so beautiful I don’t know how I am going to make my selection!

  • Debbie Friedman - These pictures are absolutely beautiful!

  • Ben Statman - Wonderful pictures! They are both adorable.

  • Mandy Hanu - Such beautiful pictures!! Looks like everyone is having tons of fun on the beach!

  • Jody Wender - Precious! Angie- you do such amazing work. Love these beach photos!

  • Ashley Skibell - Thanks so much, Angie and Matt! The photos are amazing and we enjoyed our time with you both!

  • Allison Statman - Amazing pictures! Absolutely beautiful photos.

  • Melissa Steed - Beautiful pictures!


We were so honored to photograph this beautiful family again after the arrival of little Zaila.  Say hello to the gorgeous three Z’s! 🙂  

  • Shonn - Gorgeous family! Love the names.

  • Ricka - Thank you for the stunning pics, Angie! I’m so delighted to have met you. Thank you for capturing these tender moments of each of our little Zs. Blessings to you and your beautiful family! XOXO

  • Jennifer Perez - Gorgeous Family & Pictures !

  • Amy - Beautiful family!! Great pictures!

  • Jennifer - Such a beautiful family!

  • Ashley - What a lovely family you are blessed to have Ricka. Beautiful pictures of all 3 Z’s.

  • Lisanne - Beautiful family 🙂

  • Amy - Amazing! What stunning pictures!!! Such a gorgeous family!

  • Keri Fine - Picture perfect family!

  • Leslie - Gorgeous photos! What a beautiful family.

  • Melissa - Beautiful family

  • Wendy - Beautiful family! Great photos!! Love all of them!

  • Kimberly - GORGEOUS family!!!! You captured them so well!

  • Amy - These are beautiful pictures and truly capture the love and caring they all have for one another.

  • Heidi - Love these! Beautiful family, Ricka!

  • Toria - Gorgeous!

  • Donia Linderman - These are all so gorgeous!! Zaila was so bright eyed. I love that! Usually new ones are sleeping in their first pictures.

  • Renee Thompson - This is seriously one of the most beautiful families I have ever seen!!! Wow.

  • Jessy Abercrombie - What a GORGEOUS family!


Well….it’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged sessions here on the blog!  July proved to be a really busy month…..if you follow our Facebook page, you already know that we were in Florida at the most gorgeous beach in world, photographing some pretty fabulous families.  I’ll have a ton of images to share from…