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Get ready for a ton of sessions to get shared!!  I’m not entirely sure kids can get any more adorable than Betty, Wynn and Virginia.  🙂   Check out this cutie family through the years here and here, too!

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  • Brandi - Beautiful family! Great pictures!

We loved getting to play with sweet Katie in the spring field!

  • Anonymous - Beautiful pictures, beautiful family, great photography.

  • Nick - Great pictures!

  • Anonymous - Cutie Katie!!!

  • Ben - She’s adorable!

  • Sussie - What a beautiful girl! I love the yellow on her, she’s like your own private little sunshine!

  • Heather - These are the most precious photos of Katie! There are so many favorites to choose from 🙂

  • Ryan - Wow what great pictures! Katie looks like she had a great time. What a natural!

  • Kim - They’re all so precious – it’s impossible to choose a favorite!

  • Josiah - Beautiful pictures!

  • Imani - Gorgeous little lady 🙂

  • Chen - That’s my beautiful granddaughter ❤️❤️❤️!

  • Rpger - Beautiful family, beautiful little girl.

  • Grandpa - Could not ask for a more beautiful family!

  • Beth - She is getting more adorable every day!

  • Ben V - Super cute!

  • Liliane - Warm-heart smile

  • Jayjay - So cute! So beautiful !

  • KAI TING YEN - The little girl is so cute……..The whole family looks so sweet……I feel love all around me…..Those photos are pretty nice…..

  • Moretime Huang - Lovely and touching~what adorable, nice pictures! Every parents got a wonderful time with their children, the only thing is we need more pics like this to keep it in our mind then look it again and again. Wounderful family, adorable little girl and professional photographer!I love it !

  • Linda - Katie is so adorable in all the pictures, such a beautiful family:)

  • Jenny - Tooooo cute!! Beautiful pics and beautiful family!!❤️

  • Jack - Katie looks so happy and her smile is so sweet. Katie look like an angel.

  • Jenny Lee - She is too cute to be true!

  • vetan - She is really beautiful!

  • Kuo - She is adorable! And all the beautiful pictures~ prefect! Especially the baby is so cute!

  • Christina - aw so cute

  • diana - she is really cute in the photos!

  • wu - What a lovely girl I haven’t seen, hope could see her in some time soon .

  • TANG - SO CUTE!!

  • Tomas wu - awesome!!^~^

  • Shirley - Wow, these photos turned out great! She’s so cute!

  • Iris - What a beautiful little girl!

  • Joanne - Wow,she is so lovely, cute,she look so much like her mom.

  • Kenny - Those are very precious and cute!

  • Justin - These are wonderful pictures of the family. Beautiful family!

  • Roseline - Such a beautiful smile! Adorable baby and great looking family

  • Eva - She is absolutely adorable!!!!

  • Alisha - Sweetie baby

  • Erin - Beautiful family!!! Precious baby girl!

  • Teresa - What beautiful pictures. And Katie is such a cutie pie

  • Sam - Look at that smile! So cute 🙂

  • Iain - What a cutie!

  • Jan - Gorgeous photography perfectly capturing the candid, playful whimsy of a beautiful toddler and her loving parents. These portraits tell a story of a family enjoying springtime together. An awesome collection of photographs!

  • Erin - What great photos of that sweet girl and y’all! So adorable!!

  • Donovan K. Yeh - Katie is so precious & gorgeous !

  • Huma - These pictures are adorable! Katie has the cutest little smile ☺️ Beautiful family! Love y’all ❤️

  • Hunter Liu - Very nice pictures

  • Rizu Grandpaw - Beautiful pictures! Beautiful little girl!

  • Jennifer L. - What a beautiful setting for an even MORE beautiful family! Absolutely precious! Lovely pictures!

  • Salman - These are absolutely beautiful! Cutest family EVER!

  • Yuyu Lu - I love her smile so sweet

  • Sam - No.1 cute!!

  • Megan - Beautiful!

  • Sheila - Beautiful pictures! Love the natural light.

  • Kai - Absolutely beautiful Amazing family love you guys

  • Suhail - Awesome Pics!

  • Sana - Love these pictures and these people!!

  • Andrea - Too too precious :). Love the pictures , you guys make a beautiful family !

  • grandpa Naju - Beautiful pictures, Katie is so adorable. Great job Irfan and Marcia

  • Arif - Awsome pics our dear cutie pie Katie!!

  • Sarah - Nice pictures. Beautiful family.

  • Trish - Fabulous pictures of Katie and her parents!

  • tj - How nice great pics!

  • Cynthia - These photos are amazing – particularly the ones of little miss Katie!!! You have brought her personality alive in these photos.

  • Leah - especially loved the mother-daughter pics!

I think this is an appropriate session to share right now…..what better screams summer than two boys catching toads and splashing in a creek?  🙂

  • Babs Clay - Wonderful photos! Lovely family and location. Precious little boys with great smiles. A lovely family. Thank you for sharing.


  • Cathryn Berryman - Love the big smiles and the mud puddles. Great pics!

  • Trip - They grow up so fast!

  • Cathryn Berryman - Love the big smiles and mud puddles. Great pics!

  • Jeannette thayer - I live the pictures of the boys. It just captures how beautiful and playful they are.
    The pictures capture what summer is all about. We love them. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  • rebecca massiatte - Signature Weedon Work! Love the pics, love the family!! Beautiful!

  • Lailtha Natarajan - Great pictures! Absolutely captures the personalities. So did the tadpole come home? :)! Thanks for sharing.