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So much fun at the Arboretum with this favorite bunch!

  • Colleen - We absolutely love the photos, as always!!! Thank you.

  • Gompa - Amazing pictures of amazingly beautiful people!

  • Kayla Villnow - SO CUTE!!! These photos capture such a precious age, and some of the sweetest kiddos ever:)

  • Tim McCaffrey - Such great photos of such smiley kids – love it!

  • David - Cuties!

  • Uncle Brian - What a terrific job capturing their personalities! Thanks so much!

  • PaPa - Great pictures of a beautiful family.

  • BeBe - Terrific shots of a cute family in a beautiful setting.

  • Elia - These pictures are so beautiful! I love this family!

  • Allen - How cute!!! They look so adorable!!!

  • Maria - Lovely pictures and family!

  • Uncle Bo - Redunkulously cute! Little T’s smile rocks 🙂

  • Debie - As always, SSSOOO cute!


Are you ready?  Are you ready to see quite possibly the cutest family in America?  Ok, brace yourself….  🙂

  • Stacy - Angie and Matt,

    I wish you could see the silly grins on our faces each time we look at these photos. It is instant joy!

  • Celena - I adore these pics!!!

  • Jason - You guys are the best. You’ve set the bar pretty high over the years and never cease to amaze!

  • Beth - This is definitely the most beautiful family – inside and out! Love these pictures!

  • Laresa - Such gorgeous pictures. My favorite family ever and these pictures capture them perfectly! Wish I lived there to have you take our family pictures!

  • Gigi - What a fun day captured ! Beautiful. I can hear the laughter.

  • Stacey Cobb - These pictures are amazing…I think that the family and photography gets better every time you all get together!

  • Nina - Oh my goodness!! These are the best pictures!!! But look at what the photographer had to work with!! Such a darling family!!


Such a sweet new baby sister to join these super proud big brothers!  We’ve loved watching this family grow and grow!

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  • Brian McFarlane - Angie and Matt are great to work with – hard to believe we started with just one kid, 8 years ago


I absolutely love that this sweet daddy surprised Payton’s mom with a gift certificate for this session!   (ppsst!  Dads!  We can still do gift certificates in time for Sunday! Call Matt right now 972-496-6696!)  Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing mamas we love and work with every day!

  • Jesse - We have been very pleased to see so many great shots. Amazing!

  • Jill Hopfe - Gorgeous pictures and beautiful family!

  • Velvet - These are absolutely precious!!!!!!!!! What a great Mother’s Day gift for Natalie.

  • Shannon - I have always admired your work, and absolutely love these shots. You captured the beauty, energy and love this amazing family embodies. Wow!!

  • Megan - What beautiful photos! Payton is growing up too quickly,

  • Huck - Great pics!!!

  • Libby - You are one lucky man, Jesse! You’ve got some beautiful ladies in your life! Awesome pictures.

  • Elaine villarreal - Jesse! You’re the best!!!! Natalie!!! Happy Mother’s Day!!!! Payton is so beautiful!!!!

  • Natalie Arbaugh - Thank you Angie for for these awesome pics. Now if we can only decide which ones we want!

  • Ashley - Absolutely stunning photography…what a beautiful family!

  • Mary Holbrook - The absolute sweetest and most beautiful family I know! I miss you all so so much!!!

  • Aleyda - Beautiful pictures .
    It’s like reading a love story . 🙂

  • David - Wow! Outstanding!
    Beautiful family.

  • Aleyda - Beautiful pictures .
    It’s like telling a love story !

  • Grandma & Grandpa - So many beautiful shots with an incredible range of emotions. It is impossible to choose just one. You have captured the joy, love and special spirit of this family… Great Work

  • Gerard Hudspeth - The definition of family photo…Beautiful!

    Time is a limited resource and these photos capture a moment in time…priceless.

  • Jenny Tracewell - Gorgeous family. Very lucky girl to have that mom and dad.

  • Drea Olive - These pics came out amazing! What a beautiful family!

  • Dee - Fantastic photographer – fantastic pictures – beautiful family!

  • Alex - Love the pictures!

  • Victor - Wow. What great pictures for a great family.

  • Melanie - Awesome pics

  • Angelica - Dr. J. Love the pictures.

  • Julie - I want a copy. Beautiful.

  • Nicole - I can’t get over how happy she looks in all of the picture (and how much she looks like Dr.J) Such a beautiful family <3

  • Norma - Those pictures are so beautiful! Look at the smiles.

  • Juan - What a great looking family!!!

  • Troy - Jesse, what a great set of photos! You are a lucky man.

  • Amy - Natalie and Payton, what great pictures. Loved having you all down.

  • JT - It is nice to see so many great shots! Happy Mother’s Day.

  • Erin - Beautiful photos!!!

  • Yajaira - I love them!!!

  • Maritza - I want a picture. They are wonderful.

  • Kary - Absolutely love these photos… you all have a beautiful family and your baby girl is growing so fast… hugs to you all

  • Uncle Jason - Great Mother’s Day gift Jesse. I know Natalie will love these photos, I know I would.

  • Vanessa - Love your pictures. What a lucky man!

  • Rachel - Great pictures. What a beautiful family.

  • Elsy - Payton you look so pretty. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  • Elora - Natalie. Awesome pictures!!!!

  • Gabby - Dr. J. Great family pictures.

  • Diane Hudspeth - What a perfect gift! The pictures are amazing! Love the setting…I’m a fan of natural lighting. They came out beautifully 🙂

  • Robert Earle - Great photos!

  • Caroline Woodbury - Amazing photos! Love the many smiles!

  • Bill - You all look great.

  • Sherri - You three look so beautiful. Can’t wait to get my copies!!!