Monthly Archives: May 2014

These guys!  This family is one of our original and most loyal families we’ve had the honor of capturing during our whole career.  Love them!!

May29b_AngelaWeedonBlog copy

Get ready for a bunch of images from our spring sessions!!  First up is the hilarious and cute Tripp and his awesome parents.  This guy kept us on our toes, he is FUN and FAST!

May29_AngelaWeedonBlog copy


We love these sweet boys, and their mama and daddy are pretty near and dear to our hearts, too!  Dad is a wonderful family chiropractor who has worked his magic to put Matt and me back together on more than a few occasions, and Mama is an amazing professional violinist.  We feel so honored that she is now teaching our own 11 year old , Ava, violin!

May9_AngelaWeedonBlog copy

I tell you what……the bigger the family, the sweeter the kids.  Seriously!  This crew is JUST.SO.PRECIOUS.  They are just lovely to us, and each other.  We love capturing this fabulous family through the years!

May15b_AngelaWeedonBlog copy