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Get ready for a bunch of images from our spring sessions!!  First up is the hilarious and cute Tripp and his awesome parents.  This guy kept us on our toes, he is FUN and FAST!  

  • henry - love these pics

  • Mike Hanke - Love that kid!

  • Scotty Taylor - What a precious family!! Great photos 🙂

  • Donna Parker - Beautiful family, Awesomeness!

  • Cheryl Turner - More memories to last a lifetime and beyond! Thanks so much!

  • Holly Alexander - I love the picture of you & Tripp in the field of flowers!! These are SO good!

  • Lee Lee - These photos capture the spirit and love of this beautiful little family. Love ’em!

  • Tammy Harper - Love these pics Mia — such a perfect family. You are absolutely beautiful!!

  • Janice - Beautiful family!great pics

  • LeQuese DeJournett - Awe cute pics!!


We love these sweet boys, and their mama and daddy are pretty near and dear to our hearts, too!  Dad is a wonderful family chiropractor who has worked his magic to put Matt and me back together on more than a few occasions, and Mama is an amazing professional violinist.  We feel so honored that she is…

  • Natalie Wagley - You guys are the best! We love these pictures so much! You know how to capture all of our boys’ expressions perfectly. 🙂

  • Kathy - What a beautiful family. Pictures are awesome!

  • Sarah Reyes - Beautiful pictures of an even more beautiful family! Love the pics!!!

  • Amela Koci - Beautiful pictures!

  • Missy - Precious photos. Precious family!

  • Lynn Floyd - Beautiful pictures of beautiful children and parents!

  • Alisha - Wow!! The boys are really growing up fast! The pictures are absolutely beautiful!!

  • emma - Love these photos and your beautiful family. It is so special to see such lovely, affectionate boys.

  • Gjergj subashi - Beautiful family!

  • Marcie - Cute pics!

  • Jeanie Roemer - Your photographer is amazing, but she has easy subjects with which to capture the beauty of your precious family! She really brought out some aspects of Christian’s personality that aren’t readily seen without looking deeper. Kudos!

  • Nancy Hulsey - Natalie and Ben, What a beautiful family! Thanks for keeping us connected with you all through these fantastic pictures of both you and your growing boys!

  • Renee - Awesome pictures and amazing family! Great job!

  • Irene Wagley - The expressions and depth of details are priceless!

  • Alex - I love these photos! They have my favorite people!

  • Stephanie Wakeem - Great pics of a great family! Little C is my son’s friend but I had the pleasure of working with Natalie before we had kiddos!I love how you’ve captured a family’s love for one another through a simple camera lens.

  • Susan - Beautiful pictures – sweet family!

  • Kathy Johnson - Love the pictures! The boys are growing up!

  • Karen Smith - So gorgeous!!! With little ones growing so fast this is a treasure to keep 🙂

  • Nancy - Thank you for sharing!

  • Mary Holsenbeck - Love these pictures. Wondeful photography that gives insight into the relationship between family members.

  • Leigh Floyd - Beautiful pictures!

  • Stephanie - Beautiful pictures!!

  • Adam Floyd - A fine-looking family to be sure, and a fine bit of photography too, I might add.

  • Elliott - These are excellent.

  • Kay Chilcote - Miss you all. Thanks for the beautiful pictures! The boys are growing so fast. Sweet family! Love to all

  • Jackie - Beautiful

  • Joyce Floyd - What a great way to stay connected even though many miles come between us. You are the epitome of God’s beautiful creation called FAMILY. Thank you for sharing.

  • dominique gonzales - Very beautiful pictures. micah looks so much like daddy and christain looks so much like mommy very beautiful hope u get ur album =)

  • Naoma Nichols - Beautiful pictures of a wonderful young family.

  • Heather - What a beautiful way to capture this sweet family! They will be showing these photos off for years to come!

  • Micki - What a precious and sweet little family!! God has truly blessed you!!

  • Donna - Beautiful family! Love the pictures!

  • Jim Butler - Great pictures!

  • Tim - Love to see our grandsons! Beautiful!

  • Tammy Henry - Beautiful!

  • cassie wagley - Beautiful family! The photos will be cherished forever!

  • Rachel Poe - These pictures are wonderful! What a beautiful family.


I tell you what……the bigger the family, the sweeter the kids.  Seriously!  This crew is JUST.SO.PRECIOUS.  They are just lovely to us, and each other.  We love capturing this fabulous family through the years!

  • Carrie - Love every single one!!!

  • Carly - Beautiful pictures!

  • Holly - These pics are fabulous – every one. What a beautiful family.

  • Heather - These pictures are gorgeous!!! Absolutely beautiful.

  • Chelsee - Amazing! I love the natural light. The whole family is beautiful!

  • Kathy - Spectacular! Makes me want to cry!

  • Tracee - I love this family! These are beautiful photos of them!

  • Heather T. - I love the picture of the kids walking!

  • bethany - These are perfection! I love how she really captured the feeling of family at it’s best. Beautiful!!

  • Amy - Oh Carrie–absolutely love these! And you look amazing 🙂 Miss you!!

  • Jen Hinze - So beautiful Hamilton family!!!!

  • Cathy - I love every one! So beautiful!!

  • Jeanie - SO precious!!! Buy them ALL!!!!

  • Kathryn - Love the one of Seth in the chair. Everyone looks great!

  • Lauri - I am truly impressed – not easy to get 6 people all smiling and still and looking the right way! Beautiful.

  • Jenn - Such a beautiful family! Love to see their personalities shine through in these pictures!

  • Jaclyn - Beautiful pictures and beautiful family! I especially love the photos with one parent/one child. The children will cherish those individual photos in future years.

  • Caroline Hamilton - The pictures are enchanting. What a lovely family.

  • Audrey - Beautiful family! Great pictures…

  • talya - Beautiful pictures of a family of awesomeness! I love them all, but that first one of the kids is pretty much perfect.

  • Katrice - Great pictures…she does such a great job!