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These cuties are so in love with their new baby brother!  LOVE watching this family grow!

  • Connie Harrell - Beautiful pictures of my grandchildren!!! Their personalities are captured so beautifully!! Thank you!

  • Becca - Once again, they are precious! I love them!

  • Lindsay - What precious pictures of my niece and nephews!! I agree with my mom that the kids personalities are captured so well in these pictures. Thank you to the Weedons once again for amazing pictures!

  • John Wallace - The magic has been captured in the photos. Thanks!

  • Paula Ong - I have seen newborn family pictures for years and have to say, these are the most precious moments I have seen captured on film. Any photographer can snap a photo shoot. You are an amazingly talented artist. You brought this family’s closeness to life for the rest of us to see and enjoy.

  • Jo Beth - Beautiful pictures of some of God’s best work. John and Becca – your children are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jana Pipes Cox - I LOVE this beautiful family!!!!! And I also love Angela and Matt’s work…

  • Lindsay - I CANNOT get enough of these faces!!!

  • Casey - I cannot handle these! Literally just PERFECT! Beautiful photos that just capture the happiness! Love.

  • Bobby Harrell - I agree with the comments above about capturing their personalities as well as their beauty. You are truly gifted at what you do to be able to get such small ones to cooperate and get the perfect moment. Well done!!

  • Bruce Sherrill - Beautiful kids! Beautiful photos! Beautiful family! Wow! I am very happy for the Wallace family! May your blessings continue…

  • Skip Barkley - Great pictures. Cute kids……

  • Jenny McCauley - Such amazing pictures of your sweet babies!!

  • Jason - Great pics Bec!

  • Kelli Huston - These are the most precious photos I have ever seen!! Cute little angels! I want to see more!!

  • Julie Bishop - Precious children and beautiful photography!! I wish we could see more!!


We got to photograph Miss Harper as a little baby, and now she is a big sister!

  • Nita Sherrard - Angie and Matt, thank you so much for capturing our family so beautifully. We treasure the images from the session with Harper as a baby, as I know we will treasure these.

  • Kerry Caldwell - Nita, these pictures couldn’t be any more beautiful!!! Congrats to you all, Henry is so cute!!!

  • Courtney - Harper is so beautiful and getting so big and Henry is just a DOLL! I am dying over the pic of him with the blue knit hat and that precious little smile?! Congrats to y’all’s family!!

  • Leah - What a beautiful family Nita! Congrats on a precious baby boy.

  • Theresa - These pictures are simply beautiful. Captures the innocence of children. Harper is breathtaking. Watch out mommy and daddy, she is going to be a heartbreaker! Henry and his cute little smile and my favorite!

  • Erica - What a beautiful and perfect little family of four!!!

  • Brianna - Congrats, Sherrard family! The new addition is precious and Harper looks so proud!

  • Nikki - Such a beautiful family! Pics are adorable!

  • Vicki - Love these sweet pictures! We can’t wait to meet our new nephew and Will is so excited to have another boy in the family!!

  • Katie Eliason - Such beautiful pics! Love you guys!!

  • Angela Colmenero - Nita, these newborn photos of Henry are just perfect. The entire family looks so happy! I love the one of Harper holding Henry!

  • Gordon - Wonderful images. Great subjects and great posing. Beautiful children.

  • Randy - Wow these are great!

  • Marcus - These are awesome!

  • Jonathan Hanson - Adorable children! They clearly take after their mother…

  • Matt - Harper looks like she is enjoying being a big sister!

  • Brian - So beautiful!!! These are awesome!

  • Emily - Beautiful! I cannot wait to meet the newest member of your family. I love the photographs!

  • Suruchi - Henry is such a perfect addition to a beautiful family. Harper is going to be an awesome big sister!

  • Kelsey - Absolutely stunning!!!!!

  • Jerrod - Amazing pictures! Such a beautfil family – what a blessing!

  • Kit Nordmark - Such beautiful pictures! I especially love Harper’s mani and she looks like a natural with her new baby brother. What a gorgeous family… Henry’s one lucky guy 🙂 So exciting. Congrats!!!

  • Vince Cordero - Hi Saber these are awesome! Congrats on such a beautiful family!

  • Gordon Murray - Beautiful family photos. You and Saber manufacture a good product!

  • Natausha - Awesome pictures….what an amazing looking family. Harper looks like a very proud big sister!

  • Kate - Adorable! These pics are amazing – congratulations to you Nita, Saber, and Harper! Henry is just perfect!

  • Andrew - These pictures are fantastic. We are excited about meeting Henry!

  • Allison - These pictures are so cute! Can’t wait to see him in person!

  • Josh (BD) - What amazing photos! Henry and Harper look fantastic (brought their A-game)!

  • Spencer - Awesome pics! So great you can capture those initial moments

  • Missy D - What a darling family! So happy that darling Henry is here and big sis is as cute as ever. Congrats Sherrard family!

travel sessions 2014

It’s that time of year!  We are currently booking summer sessions and we’d love to photograph your family at your favorite place to escape the Dallas heat!  We already have a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming planned for early August, and we have a couple more available sessions open during our week there.   It…


Precious baby Izzy and her beautiful mama~

  • kristan Wyatt - PRECIOUS!!!! I love all of them! going to be so hard to choose:) Great job as always!!!!!

  • karina chuecas - This Picture is Beautiful !!!!!!! Baby Izzy is Precious and Mom too…..

  • Pam Mpncilovich - Beautiful pictures as always!! Great job Weedon Photography! Mamma and Izzy just look spectacular and precious!

  • Brandy - Beautiful outfits & photography. Izzy looks like a little doll & your gorgeous!

  • Tara D - Don’t grow too fast Izzy! Wonderful moments captured beautifully!

  • Laurie - Precious pictures!!!

  • Sheri - So beautiful!!

  • Kathy Bradham - Angela Weedon did it again! Captured the moments and made them so memorable. I show my “look book” to everyone and they always want to know, “who did these pictures?” Fabulous, once again and can’t wait till Hudson turns 3 and Izzy is 1……those pics will really be amazing!

  • Janeen - These pictures are so beautiful. You captured their beauty in every way.

  • Shanna Moran - Beautiful… Just too precious!!

  • Kelsey - PRECIOUS PICS!!!!!! I can not wait to meet them some day soon!!!!!

  • Sean - Amazing pics again!!!! They both look stunning….can’t wait to see you all this summer!

  • Bea - I can’t believe how she is growing so fast! super cute girls:)

  • Blaine - I love these pictures of my daughter and grand-daughter. Beautiful girls.