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I mean, really?  If this doesn’t confirm that we photograph the most adorable families every day, I don’t know what does.  I’m taking a break to post a bunch of sessions from this fall!  I.CANNOT.CATCH.MY.BREATH this week.  It’s insane….so many sessions to shoot and images to proof and cards to design!  It’s a very fabulous…

  • Sara - You’ve taken care of an album layout for us already :). Every shoot with you is a joy – you capture our family perfectly!!!

  • Susan Friedman - What wonderful pictures. We need more wall space and picture frames!!

  • Doris McKnight - I have followed this beautiful child. The picture of her is so sweet and she just shines.



  • Megen - Gorgeous photos of gorgeous kids…inside & out! Love these!!

  • LIndsey - Could these be any cuter!? Love these pics of them! They are precious and looks like so much fun!!

  • Beth Johnson - Awesome pics!!!! So so beautiful

  • Courtney Smith - As the proud aunt of these two precious kids, I can honestly say you have done a fabulous job of capturing each of their personalities!! These are thoughtful, fun, and so beautiful!

  • jen - Amazing…I am falling in love with these babies all over again!

  • Bev and Roy - Well we are the proud grandparents of these two wonderful children.
    You have captured the fun these two have in such a natural way.
    Wonderful pictures creating lasting memories.

  • Stacey Maris - More beautiful pics, Angie!! Of course, when the kids are this cute, it makes it easy 🙂


A little girl’s dream!  Jourdan and Ryan sure have one amazing mama who supports their love of horses.  We’ve followed these two girlies their whole lives, and this was the first time to visit them in their “element.”  LOVE!

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  • JE - Thank you, Angie and Matt — what beautiful photos! That was a tough project but you produced some AMAZING images. … as always. 🙂