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I have completely lost track of how many times we’ve had the privilege of photographing these guys.  We just LOVE this fun family so much!

  • Del - Just want to say how much I love your photography! I wish you’d write a book. I noticed your work after buying the posing guide you put out and then went on to your website. I only have a couple of photographers I love and you are one of them. I do semi-professional photography in New Zealand but can’t even compare my work with yours! Please write a book! 🙂

  • Angela - Thank you so much Del, what a nice compliment. I am actually working on a book project now. It’ll be about posing children in different lighting scenarios. 😉

LOVE it when our families travel from far and wide for sessions!  Dilan and Jaisen live in sunny California, but came all the way to Texas to have a blast in front of our camera!  Maybe next time we’ll meet up with them on the beach close to their home? 😉  Thanks for trusting us…

  • Bud Sue D - excellant family pictures
    Bud/Sue D.

  • Christina - You and Matt have delivered such gorgeous pics of our boys! Thanks for being so wonderful to work with. We know we will always get such beautiful work with you!

  • Kumar - Great job- we love the photos – always great seeing you guys.

  • Lily - It’s a gift to be able to catch the best moment of two active boys. Love your work.

  • Nehal - Great pictures of the family – great work!

  • Jeff Tseng - Wonderful photos! The boys look great!

  • Karen - Beautiful photos, and a beautiful family!

Getting to hang out with Connor and his mom and their home made for such a fun afternoon!

  • Tira J - Love this session Angie!! You know my favorite pics are of the beautiful Siamese. And Connor is a handsome fella. 🙂

  • Angela Price - Beautiful! Thank you so much for the wonderful shoot. You have really captured the spirit of my special boy.

  • Teresa Lombardi - These are gorgeous photos. Love that they were taken at the family’s new home rather than some setting without significance for them.

  • Beth - These pics are amazing! You have done a beautiful job capturing the joy Angela and Conner share together!

  • Margaret Price - Angela,
    I love all the photos that you have taken of Angela and Connor throughout Connor’s life. My favorites of these photos are Angela and Connor at their front door (the second one in this series), Connor on his skateboard and also the one of Penny on her cat tree.
    Thank you – for these beautiful and natural photos are important for the memories they will provide in the future.
    Angela’s Mom and Connor’s Gran

  • Cathy - Wow! These are terrific!!!
    My favorite is fort Connor!

  • Katie - These photographs totally capture your personalities! So much better than just a static portrait. I wish my kids were little still so I could do this. Maybe grandchildren one day…….

  • Suzanne Price - Where’s the next picture of Connor AFTER jumping into the pool!!!

    Great pictures as always. It would be great to see more of Angela though.

Another awesome baseball family at the Ballpark!  We love this family so much, and while yes Dad is a straight up athlete superstar, these folks couldn’t be more nice and down to earth.  It’s been a pleasure to get to know them through the years!  OK, and Jack?  The barely TWO YEAR OLD?  He is…

  • Tess Kinsler - Wow! It is simply amazing how y’all are able to capture the spirit of each of our children. Thank you!

  • Michelle LaBonte - Wow, these pictures are amazing! My husband Brenden and I were looking for a great photographer for family pictures, and I remembered that I loved Angela’s work after seeing pictures of Rian when she was first born. The moments Angela captures are priceless. It was a nice surprise to stumble across recent pictures of you and your family. Tess, you look amazing and your family is stunning. I hope all is well!