Monthly Archives: September 2013

LOVE it when our families travel from far and wide for sessions!  Dilan and Jaisen live in sunny California, but came all the way to Texas to have a blast in front of our camera!  Maybe next time we’ll meet up with them on the beach close to their home? 😉  Thanks for trusting us again to your portraits, mom and dad!  It was sooo great to see you again.


Another awesome baseball family at the Ballpark!  We love this family so much, and while yes Dad is a straight up athlete superstar, these folks couldn’t be more nice and down to earth.  It’s been a pleasure to get to know them through the years!  OK, and Jack?  The barely TWO YEAR OLD?  He is obsessed and I mean OBSESSED with baseball, and seeing his God-given talent at such a young age is just crazy.  His baseball future is so bright,  it sorta burns my eyes.