Monthly Archives: May 2013

Another sweet family from school!  Little Eli is welcomed by big sister Caroline and big brother Reagan, who happens to be in our Ava’s fourth grade class.  Baby Eli you are so blessed to come into this wonderful family!  (Just look at how much they love this little guy…)

We last saw this awesome bunch way back in 2005, when they lived in Dallas and Campbell and Keegan were little bitty.  Now they live in Austin and we were so honored that they made the long drive up to see us again for a photo session.  We had the BEST time with them in the beautiful spring field a couple weeks ago.  Is there really  anything prettier than a wildflower field in the spring?  (We are so lucky to have countless of them right near our studio! )  Thanks H. family for making the trek the see us again!!

We had a super fun time with this favorite family!  Because of their session, I’m convinced that the best time to visit the Dallas Arboretum is when it’s super cloudy and almost about to rain…..we had the entire place to ourselves!  I’m soooooo thankful we didn’t reschedule to a “better” day… was perfecto!

(See that little bouquet of flowers Ansley is carrying the entire session?  Until the very end, I had no idea she was saving the flowers just for me.  Love her!)