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Another sweet family from school!  Little Eli is welcomed by big sister Caroline and big brother Reagan, who happens to be in our Ava’s fourth grade class.  Baby Eli you are so blessed to come into this wonderful family!  (Just look at how much they love this little guy…)

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  • Brandie Rodgers - Oh my goodness! What beautiful pictures. So happy for your family. Can’t wait for our little guys to meet each other.


We last saw this awesome bunch way back in 2005, when they lived in Dallas and Campbell and Keegan were little bitty.  Now they live in Austin and we were so honored that they made the long drive up to see us again for a photo session.  We had the BEST time with them in…

  • Sophie - Oh my goodness, SO much love in this family, and so gorgeously captured!! Adore all of the colors and cuddles. Your work truly takes my breath away.

  • Erin Blackwell - What gorgeous children…and parents!

  • Stacey Hardy - Love, love, love! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am speechless… and weepy– go figure!

  • Jo Hardy - Beautiful family and they were having so much fun! You captured it! Fabulous pictures!

  • Dawn - You truly captured the beauty and spirit of this sweet family. Love the colors and your eye is fantastic!

  • jenn - Such a beautiful happy family. love the one of Keegan and Campbell tickling!!

  • Tara Page - Beautiful family! Love, love, love these photos!!! It’s nice to see Stacey in front of the camera for a change! 🙂

  • J Burket - Beautiful family, beautiful children and best photography in this series for sure. What a talent.

  • Kris Elmore - There is nothing more beautiful than to see an artist capture so well the love and joy shared with the H family! Such a beautiful family! Thank you for capturing these special and precious moments and for sharing so all can see and feel the emotions!

  • Whitney - Beautiful! I love EVERY.SINGLE.ONE!

  • Jill - So glad to see these gorgeous photos. You captured the H’s love for their beautiful children. Love the composition of the bridge and family field photos. Can’t wait to see them on the wall!

  • Ken Rosenbaum - Some incredible pictures, capturing love and joy. Of course, it helps to have subjects good-looking enough for most magazines. Kudos to the photographer for nailing the precise moment to make each shot sing out.

  • Paige Stone - These pictures are incredibly beautiful!!! They are so bright and colorful and so filled with love and laughter. I wish we lived in Dallas, I would call and book an appointment!! Stacey, you have such a beautiful family and the love you have was captured perfectly in these pictures…just gorgeous!

  • Kasey Rhodes - Gorgeous family! Gorgeous photography!! These pictures truly represent the light this family shines into our lives.

  • Debbie Campsmith - Picture perfect!

  • Tira - Swooning over this gorgeous family session! I love everything about all of these images. The location, colors and light. Beautiful work Ang! xoxo

  • Greg Hardy - Thank you for the pictures. They look great as always.

  • Lauren Kushkin - Absolutely beautiful! The pictures are awesome and your family is beautiful!

  • Gene Hardy - Prompts you to whistling “zippity do da” and wanting to join in the fun. What a beautiful family!

  • Lani Shepherd - Beautful family, beautiful photos! Dear friends always….

  • Kirstin - What fabulous pictures! They are all so beautiful! LOVE!


We had a super fun time with this favorite family!  Because of their session, I’m convinced that the best time to visit the Dallas Arboretum is when it’s super cloudy and almost about to rain…..we had the entire place to ourselves!  I’m soooooo thankful we didn’t reschedule to a “better” day… was perfecto!

  • Ashleigh Gravlee - Angie & Matt – the four of us had the best time with the two of you once again! This may be our 5th session with you? We can’t keep count, but every time is such a pleasure! You two are just incredible, and are THE BEST at what you do! Thanks for bringing out the personalities of our children and making this a fun experience to always be treasured!

  • Sophie - You can always tell from your images what a fun experience you provide. Love all of the genuine giggles!!!! Wish we lived closer. 🙁

ansley+james (See that little bouquet of flowers Ansley is carrying the entire session?  Until the very end, I had no idea she was saving the flowers just for me.  Love her!)  

  • Kate - Thank you, Angie and Matt!!! Ansley and James made several comments later about how funny Matt is and how they love Ms. Angie….I think they thought they were on a really fun play date with you two and you just wanted to take pictures 🙂 Thanks for making that afternoon easy – you guys are so good at what you do, and Alfred and I enjoyed hanging out!

  • Heidi Angel - So. stinking. cute. These pictures are gorgeous!!

  • Uncle Rich - Great pics of your fam!

  • Nana - Amazing pictures!! Even though Angela had a lot to work with – these are just beautiful shots (I’m not at all prejudiced!!).

  • Jim - Great photos! Some of these shots are unbelieveable. Good job everyone!

  • Popo - Oh they are beautiful, pictures and the family! Each one of them is so lively and natural, love them all!!! They did a great job 🙂

  • Alfred - Angie and Matt – We are so grateful for the two of you. Your talents shine through these photos. We look forward to seeing the rest of them.

  • Jason K - THAT is a good looking family! Even Alfred! Photographer gotz skillz!

  • Heather - Beautiful!!!

  • Steven - how do you get your kids to pose so well? i can’t wait till we can get Kansas to do that.

    i especially like the one of ansley and james running while holding hands.

    can’t wait to see yall this summer! oh btw, we’re visiting you this summer…like early June hahaha!

  • David G - The photos are beautiful, and they absolutely capture the happiness that is the Cheng family.

  • Peggy - Great photos. What a beautiful family!

  • Kathy Shea - OH MY GOSH! These are so awesome….if I must choose, think the very last photo of Kate and Alfred is THE best!!!! Still in love……my gosh, I cannot believe how big Ansley and James (Thomas–Alfred knows this joke!) are–they are beautiful and look so fun! I miss the Chengs!! The last time I saw Ansley she was a wee toddler!!! Thanks so much for sharing Alfred! (and Kate!)

  • Aunt K - LOVE! Beautiful family inside & out! Neat to see how the kiddos look more and more like A&K. Angie & Matt- you guys are super talented!

  • Jenn - Kate! These are amazing! I want one of all of you. And you absolutely have to have a copy of them running through the grass! Love love love these!

  • Tai Pa and Harry - Love the pictures! See you guys soon!!

  • Uncle Simon - I like them very much.

  • Yee Yee - Lovely pictures. Nice to see everyone is happy and smiling.

  • Uncle Albert - Nice pictures. Good Job.

  • Barbara Gaither - Beautiful photos! Kate so fun to see how darling your children are.
    What a precious family you have!

  • Susan Henry - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

  • Elizabeth Stroessler - Such wonderful pictures of a darling family…LOVE the shot where Kate and Alfred are kneeling with the kids!

  • Amy - Adorable! Love your family!

  • GG - Amazing pictures! Great capturing who they are!!

  • judy Fenton - So good to see you and your family, Kate. What wonderful pictures.

  • Susie Lipscomb - Beautiful pictures of your dear family. The photos are wonderful… so natural. xox Susie

  • Mary Ellen Kelly - Excellent photography! You all look so happy. What a nice, natural setting.

  • Debbie Imhof - LOVE these!! So enchanting!! Great photos, great subject matter!! LOVE LOVE!!!

  • Duang and Daniel - Adorable kids, cute couple! When do we get to see more pictures?

  • Ashley - LOVE these pictures and LOVE this family. The one of Kate and Alfred is a keeper for sure!