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A super fun time was had at these friends’ beautiful home!  

  • Julie Birdwell - What a beautiful way to record and share the growth of such a wonderful family and amazing children. Congrats to the Hayes family!!!

  • BeBe - What fabulous pictures! Caroline loves the camera, Josie ignores it and Thomas — what a handsome dude!

  • Kayla - Beautiful photos of a precious family 🙂 each of their individual personalities was captured too!!

  • Lucky Goma - Perfection.

  • Debbie - Great pictures, the smiles, the personalities and the love. Nice to have a shot of their first house too.

  • Jeannette. Chase - Great photos of a wonderful family!

  • Sandra Poulnot - Wonderful photos of lovely, happy children. Wonderful memories.

  • Uncle Bo - Again, beautiful pics! That house really comes alive and Angela’s pictures look as terrific as ever.

  • Thea Maria - Love these and they Hayeseses!

  • PaPa - Beautiful children, beautiful family, beautiful pictures. Says it all!

  • Aunt Peggy - Love Love love the candid style! These are the best to date! You little boy is quite the guy. Cutie! Josie and CJ are growing so fast! These are great!

  • Colleen - I love these photos!!! We’re so happy to have such beautiful images that include the home where all our kids spent their earliest days. Thanks so much, Angie & Matt, for a great day and the amazing pictures.

  • David Stocker - Such a beautiful family

  • Jim Maertz - Very nice pictures. Fun to be a part of.

  • William Maertz - The little guy looks perfect


April means lots of bluebonnets here in Texas!  Mr. Ryan was not too thrilled during his photoshoot  out in the flowers, and I think his mama believes we didn’t “get anything.”  Ummmm…wrong!  I wouldn’t trade the images of Ryan needing a little nap outside with his mama for anything. 🙂

  • Abby - Thank you Angie for being so incredibly patient with me and Ryan. The pictures are amazing as usual. It was a rough photo shoot as my little star wanted nothing to do with taking pictures. And a huge thank you to your Matt for running around and trying to get Ryan to smile. I don’t know where he gets that kind of energy!!!

  • Irene - Love the pics. Beautiful setting and photography. Happy mom and Ryan.

  • Grace - Precious pictures! So sweet and carefree!

  • Johanna - Beautiful pictures!!!

  • Lucien - The pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them!

  • Johanna - Beautiful pictures!!

  • David - Thank you for taking such beautiful pictures of our daughter and grandson.

  • Shirley - Beautiful pictures capturing the sweet, tender expressions of Mom and baby !

  • Danielle - Beautiful photos of sweet Ryan and momma! Love him!

  • Matt - Great pictures!

  • Ben - Awesome pics!

  • Nathan - Nice pictures

  • B - Sweet pictures of Mama and little man!

  • Suzanne - Love the pics, Mama! I can’t wait to see them at work.

  • Noah - Nice photos of you two.


precious precious precious!!!!

  • Angela Singleton - OMG these images are so precious. I really love the family images and variety that you showed. Awesome work.

  • Lori Thompson - Beautiful pictures! Levi is a doll!

  • Jessica Bumgarner - Levi is beautiful, like his mommy! What wonderful photos!

  • Val Bromley - These are beautiful…I can’t decide which is my favorite!


Mr. Liam, you are too much fun!!!

  • Jenny - These are soooo great (as usual)!!! Thanks so much – y’all are awesome.

  • Alma York - WOW!Your Work is SOoo AWESOME. I’m so excited to be part of this Beautiful Family and your photos say it all.My little Liam is growing up so fast.

  • Christine - Those are fabulous shots!!!