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Christian is a big brother!  Here’s a look at  before and after the arrival of baby brother, Micah.  

  • Amela Koci - Beautiful Family!

  • Gjergj Subashi - Beautiful!

  • Natalie Wagley - LOVE the pictures, can’t wait to see the album!!

  • Ben Wagley - Great pictures!!!

  • Jennifer Smith - Absolutely precious!! Beautiful babies!! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!!

  • Janet Ingram - Beautiful photos! Beautiful family!

  • Rachel branagan - These are gorgeous! You all look beautiful!

  • Elliott - These photos are incredible!

  • Sarah Reyes - Beautiful photos of a beautiful family 🙂

  • Irene Wagley - Capturing the joy of new life! Wonderful!

  • Irene - Capturing the joy of new life! Wonderful pictures!

  • Irene Wagley - New life captured in wonderful pictures!

  • Jackie Floyd - You do amazing work. We love the pictures.

  • Lynn Floyd - Great pictures!

  • Naoma Nichols - The pictures are precious.

  • Kathy Kyle - AWESOME! Just AWESOME! Love, Love, Love the pictures!

  • Yezenia - Gorgeous pictures and beautify family !!!

  • Kristina Earhart - I love the one of mom and M! Beautiful!

  • Jaleen - love, love, love!

  • Gary Palmer - That’s a beautiful family. Congratulations!

  • Emma - So beautiful! Congratulations to the whole family. Much love, Emma

  • Katie - Love the Beautiful Photos!

  • Alex - Beautiful moments masterfully captured.

  • Kay Chilcote - How precious! God is Good!

  • Jim Butler - Sweet pictures.

  • Jenn Griffin - Beautiful photos of a beautiful family! Congrats to all!!

  • Suzy Kile - I do believe I have the most beautiful cousins! What a perfect family Natalie and Ben. Love you

  • Adam Floyd - Great pictures! I really like the black and white of Micah with his eyes open.

  • Nancy Hoing - What a beautiful Family. You are a Blessing.

  • Shawna Hamilton - Nice to see the newest addition:) Great photos!

  • Dian Wigington - What a beautiful family! Christian & Micah are so precious…

  • James Wigington - Micah is so lucky to have Chrisian as his brother.

  • Mary Holsenbeck - I love the perspective of these photos. They give the viewer a sense of being part of the interaction. Wonderful.

  • Alex Rose - Such a sweet family!

  • Andrew Chilcote - Beautiful family!!!

  • Joy Martin - What a beautiful family! God bless!

  • Myra Boyd - The photo of Christian being tossed up is AMAZING.
    The before and after ones are precious.
    I’m going to tell people about this wonderful photography.

  • Alma - Sooooooooo PRECIOUS !!

  • Danielle - I love these pictures!! Precious!

  • Jason - What a sweet family! I love the pictures!

  • Julia - These are beautiful, sweet pictures!

  • Kathy Johnson - Amazing pictures! 2 beautiful boys!

  • Wanda Farr - What a cute family

  • Jan Fuller - The pictures are beautiful. Beautiful people. I want Sarah to see them.

  • Emogene Rushing - Beautiful photos of very beautiful family!

  • Mark Ernst - Wonderful pictures of a precious family.

  • Sarah (Fuller) Mutscheller - WOW!!! Beautiful family and amazing pics!!! So gorgeous!!

  • Sue Meador - Great Pictures.

  • John Powell - Beautiful family! God blessings!

  • Bob & Irvalynn Rose - Beautiful pictures. What a precious child.

  • Randy Martin - What a beautiful baby!

  • Randolph Martin - beautiful

  • Cheryl Smith - Precious pictures!!
    Baby looks so much like Mommy!
    I love the way Christian is looking striaght into his Dad’s eyes!!

  • Nan Jordan - Precious pictures of a loving family!

  • Dian Wigington - How wonderful to see such a loving family! Blessings forever…

  • Nancy Ballard - Fantastic photos of a beautiful family.

grand turk 2013

Matt and I met in the Turks and Caicos Islands back in 1995.  The opportunity to study marine biology in the Caribbean during my junior year in college was about the best thing to ever happen to me!  (Anyone out there interested in an incredible field study program for college students ought to consider The…

  • Lidia Grigorean - ohhhh freedom, freedom and love…. :)… sooooo beautiful!!!!!

  • Tira - Wow! Each picture is breathtaking! Looks like you all had an amazing time and got to truly relax! What a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing. xoxo

  • Lindsay - Amazing, Angie!!

  • Kimbra - That is so awesome you got to share your story of love and diving with your kids. Loved the photos.

  • Amanda - Loved seeing these pictures of your trip. Looks like an amazing and very special time, and the images of it are breathtaking! Love you all!!!

  • Mandie Walls - so adorable… love those curls!!

  • Aisha Crumbine - I came to your site by way of Nadiya B. I love your eye and personal commitment to it. T&C is gorgeous, and you’ve captured it well.

    Too bad I’m in Houston…


  • rebecca massiatte - Seriously amazing pictures! Your kiddos are adorable! They are like a mini Matt & Angie!


Sorry for the break around here!  Last week was spring break for us, and very little computer time happened.  At. All.  Here is a look at a cutie we got to see again before we headed out of town….I could just eat Carson up!

  • Renee - We love love love these pictures!!! It is so hard to decide what pictures to choose!

  • hannah fowler - Love it ♡

  • Karen - Love the pictures, especially the one of you and Carson!

  • Ted Chen - So cute. Great photos

  • Randi - These are so adorable! Love those curls!

  • Emily Yuen - Renee — He is perfect! The curls are amazing, and I can totally see your face in his little face! Darling pictures!

  • Kathleen - Too sweet for words. What fantastic shots! You all look great!

  • Rob - Very nice!

  • patrick lum - Very cute

  • Nicole - Carson is so perfectly captured!!! What a terrific way to celebrate his 1st birthday!!!!

  • Maria - Awesome pictures and beautiful family!!

  • Michele Free - Absolutely GORGEOUS! Really beautiful images. I also loved Carson’s newborn series!

  • Rocky and Sylviane - Il est ADORABLE!!!! He is Mom and Dad in a “perfect” gift to the world!
    A year old already!…
    We will have to catch up when you come up..we are now in Corralitos permanetly…
    Grosses bises et Bon Anniversaire Cher Carson!
    Rocky et Sylviane


  • jill Avery Zuleeg - Renee… It’s me Jill, one of Meesh’s best friends… She told me I had to take a peek at Carson and these gorgeous photos of you ALL! I am so glad I did. Carson is absolutely the most precious little boy on the planet! And am in awe of Angela Weedon photography. Looked at all of her photographs and felt as I was there! What a talented and gifted photographer! So happy to see these photos of You, C & C… (Thanks Meesh!) xo, Jill

  • Henry Fong - Carson is so-o-o cute. That curly hair . . . Love these shots.

  • Helene Chan - Wonderful family pictures! We love the smile on Carson’s face. What a happy and lovely child!

  • Carmela - Carson is 1 already?!?! Wow, where does the time go! Such beautiful photos of the three of you, and what a cutie Carson is growing up to be, such a wonderful smile. Buy all of them, you will cherish them forever. 🙂 XO

  • Cesar - He really is always this happy!! Most of the time anyway. We got lucky!

  • Jennifer - These photos are so beautiful, they’re poetic!

  • Kim - So precious!!!! Love them!! Gotta love the Reyes curls!

  • Nicole Thomas - Amazing photos, love them ALL!!

  • Bridgett Watkins - He is the cutest little boy ever!

  • Todd - That is a great family picture!

  • Maria - What a cutie pie! I love his little look by the window.

  • Isabella - Great pictures he looks so cute. His pictures show his happy personality. He is so adorable. Love my baby cousin!!

  • Christian - Love the pictures!!! Really cute!!! Great photographer!

  • Holly - So sweet!!! Love the hair!! 🙂

  • Maria Reyes - Toda las photos estan preciosas!! Beautiful pictures!! I love them all!!

  • RASHIDA - Love this picture of Carson and family. He is the cutest little baby ever!!! Love the hair and those cheeks…

  • Robert Reyes - My nephew is a baller! 🙂

  • Donna Tanner - Love these pictures. What a handsome devil

  • Shovon Crenshaw - OMG!!! He is by far the cuties baby I have seen in 22 years. That’s my daughters age lol. These are some great photos I love them all.

  • Ashley - Renee- I love the new pictures of Carson and the family! He is absolutely adorable!

  • Jerry - What a little rockstar!

  • Tori - Too cute! I’m so jealous of those curls.

  • angie - Love these pics!! What an adorable family!!

brazos bend ranch

Matt and I had the opportunity to travel down to the hill country of Texas last fall to photograph this fabulous family on their **incredible** ranch.  We had honestly never seen anything like it, and I’d LOVE the opportunity to go back again.  There was way more to photograph in this beautiful location than our…

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  • Karen - Angie, You do AMAZING things with your portraits, but I have to tell you that your landscapes are absolutely AWESOME as well! Thanks for sharing.