Monthly Archives: February 2013

Three boys three and under….will be the best of friends through their whole lives.  Love love this bunch.  Welcome baby Finn!    

  • Kristin - Wow! How will I EVER decide what to order?! You captured what I thought was impossible….thanks for being so amazing!!

  • Julie Tipps - Oh my! Love love love your work, but makes it so much easier when you have the most beautiful babes to work with!

  • Kara Sartin-Carlson - Beautiful pictures that have captured fantastic and unforgettable memories! It’s easy to do with such beautiful boys, and their wonderful parents! I look forward to seeing them in person. Kudos to the photographer, great job!

  • Nichole O'Rourke - Awesome pictures of a beautiful family! Love how so many different emotions are captured!

  • Ricky Hudgins - Great pictures with some cute kiddos

  • Jennifer - Stunning!!! Love the sweet and funny pictures of the boys!

  • Richard - Great captions!

  • Lisa Allen - Great pictures of 3 of the cutest boys in the world!

  • Richard - Great pictures of a beautiful family!

  • Mitzi Colliflower - These pictures are absolutely precious! Such an adorable family!

  • Raymond Allen - Triple trouble!

  • Gigi - Perfection!!!!

  • Tara sanders - Just precious!

  • Nick sanders - Sweet pictures

  • Sami - Wow!! These are amazing! I don’t know how you are going to decide on which ones you want…they are all great!!

  • Tameka Royal - Stunning! Love the pics and the family!

  • Shannon Renshaw - Beautiful family! Stunning photography!

  • fiona & walter smallwood - these boys are just to adorable,we love you walt an fiona

  • fiona & walter smallwood - precious

  • kristi bates - Beautiful baby boys!

  • Lyndie Bentley - What beautiful boys!! They are just precious… Perfect!

  • kacey p - Handsome boys!!

Another fabulous family we have the honor of watching grow up through the years!  Welcome little baby Thomas….

  • Colleen - Thanks for the beautiful photos!! We absolutely love them, as always.

  • Don Hayes - Thanks for the link to beautiful pictures of beautiful chlidren. I’m never too busy to stop and see those pictures!

  • David Hayes - Those kids are beautiful like their mother

  • Kayla Villnow - Thanks for making beautiful children even more precious! Safe to say they are my three favorite kids in all of Texas=)

  • Brian McCaffrey - Absolutely beautiful!

  • Debie McCaffrey - Wow – super cute kids, beautiful photos and we can’t wait to see them in person!

  • Goma McCaffrey - Look at all those precious cheeks to kiss.

  • Jim Maertz - The pictures capture beautiful family memories. Love to see them.

  • Crissi White - gorgeous! Caroline looks just like her mom. 🙂

  • Ellen eggers - Beautiful children!

  • Kathy Daily - Precious kids. Precious pictures

  • Dick McCaffrey - Thank you for capturing some of the beauty in these little people that we love.

  • Jan Gordon - Each photo is more beautiful than the one before it. I spent quite a bit of time looking at them again and again. So beautiful, and such a talented photographer.

  • Kevin McCaffrey - A trifecta of beautiful kids!

  • Jim McCaffrey - So stinking cute!

  • Robin Deferrari - I love the one of Baby T thinking in Daddy’s hands. Such lovely moments captured.