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From the fall…..gorgeous Madeline and Micah~

  • Lori - What beautiful pictures! They make me want to cry. I just love the Weedons!

  • Liset Lefebvre - Rebecca:

    The pictures are stunning! What a beautiful family you have! Wishing you all the best for 2013.

  • rebecca - Angie & Matt, You guys captured some awesome moments- thank you for making everything so fun and free-spirited! We will be calling again…

  • Amy - Sooooo gorgeous! Thank you for sharing, Rebecca!

  • Jessie Feinstien - These kids are so cute! The first photo of the kids is unbelievable. What a beautiful family!

  • katie - Rebecca – These are gorgeous!! Love the pics in the field! You guys are a good looking family!

  • David Moreno - All those pictures are incredible!
    Michael, Rebecca, Madeline, and Micah all were captured in such a comfortable setting!

  • Michael - Angie & Matt- The pictures are phenomenal! We can’t wait to see the completed album. Thanks again!

  • Hortencia Garcia - Beautiful pictures! Your work is outstanding, but then the subjects you had to work with were perfect….from a proud grandmother.

  • Carol Weed - Astounding moments captured on film. What a talented photographer and beautiful, happy subjects!

  • Roland Garcia - These pictures are awesome! Nicely done, Weedon!

  • Lois Ricci - Wonderful photos.

  • Betty Bruton - Beautiful photos!

  • Belisa - Beautiful! Maddie looks just like you Rebecca!

  • Charisma - Spectacular! Madeline is gorgeous and I just want to squeeze baby Micah! So cute! LOVE the photos!

  • Alicia Porsa - What beautiful photos to capture a beautiful family in action!

  • Colleen Flynn - Wow…..they are beautiful. What granda would not help another grandma receive a gift to cherish forever. Hope you make it. Beautiful beautiful familia.

  • Willa - The pictures are great. I cannot believe how much Micah has grown & Maddie is more beautiful every day. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mary Barrera - Beautiful perfect moments captured – to be treasured by all our family. I love you, Aunt Mary

  • Evelyn - What beautiful pictures of my son and his family. My grandchildren are so very special.

  • Magdalena - Great pictures. Hortencia you have a beautiful family.

  • Amy Miller - Love it! Precious moments captured in beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing. Love you

  • Gloria Lozano - Ur grandchildren r beautiful. Can’t wait to have some of my own. God bless them.

  • Margaret Reynolds - I love your Angels. They are your Stars

  • Neil Bowler - Love the light, love the energy in this set.

    Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing

  • Gayle Zieschang - These pictures are absolutely priceless. Maddie and Micah are so beautiful.


Happy 2013!! It’s good to be back in front of the computer again (and behind the camera!).  We had an amazing 2012, and each year Matt and I pinch ourselves with how blessed we are:  2 healthy, fabulous kids, a wonderful family and group of friends we “do life” with, a successful business we love,…

  • Tira - Happy New Year Angie and Matt! What a gorgeous family to start off the new year with. Wishing you all lots of love, good health and happiness! xoxo

  • Brandi - Thanks Angie & Matt…we had a blast at the session and we are so happy with how the pictures turned out!

  • Claire - Gorgeous pics!! Such a beautiful family!