Monthly Archives: January 2013


Another before and after share…LOVE. 🙂

  • Bill Edwards - These are great pics

  • Jane Hall (Nana) - The 4 most precious grandchildren ever! You capture everything I love about them – Thank you! My home is full of your magical, pricelss photographs!

  • Pattie Shelton (Aunt Pattie!) - The 4 most precious grandnieces and grandnephews!!! Even though I live more than 1,000 miles away, I feel like these 4 little ones are nestled on my lap as I look at each picture. My sister, Jane, said it beautifully: the essence of love and innocence has been captured in each one of the photographs. Thank you, Angela, for putting a huge smile on this Great Aunt’s face!

  • Jennifer Stepp - This photos are absolutely AMAZING!!!
    I’ve never known of a photographer that can capture so many priceless moments on film!

  • Marilyn Neylan - Melissa and Dan……….GOOD JOB!!

  • Linda Edwards - Your photography is amazing! I absolutely love how you capture the sweet innocence of these very special children! One very proud grandma, here. Thank you!

  • Marjorie - I’m not sure its possible to take a bad picture of those babies, but these are truly incredible.

  • Traci - LOVE the picture of the four kids! All of the pictures are great, though!