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A true blast from the past….our good friends from way back when!  Drew is one of the very first babies we photographed 12 years ago (YES, of course he is way taller than me now, thanks for reminding me).  Thanks Hugh and Rachel for coming back to see us again….we love you guys!

  • Rachel Henderson - Amazing pictures, as always, Angie! Thanks so much to you and Matt for your hard work. You guys are fabulous. We loved catching up with you. Lots of love, the Hendersons

  • Brandon Burk - You do great work Angela!


A couple weeks ago we packed up our family to head to Atlanta….it was an honor to be asked to photograph this awesome family again!  It was a bonus that we also got to spend time with my dad who lives in Atlanta too.  Gotta love summer!!  This was such a fun session…..the kids are…

  • Phoenix Arizona Photographer - Beautiful pictures! Great session!

  • Stacey Maris - You have done it again!!! Every time I think they can’t get better but they do!!

  • Jenilee - What a beautiful family! Russell and I so enjoyed these recent pics. We hope to meet Sarah Elizabeth and Zachary Randall soon and see Taylor! Wow, they are growing up!

  • Jennifer Little - Love these pics and this family! You did a wonderful job capturing this family!

  • Misty Boachie - The absolute essence of family–love, joy, and having fun together. Love the red toes, Stacey!!

  • Teri Danish - Beautiful!! Can’t wait to see everyone!

  • Aimee Escamilla - These photos are great and really capture the essence of the family. Wish we were in Atlanta too to have our pictures taken. Great job!

  • Kofi - You guys look wonderful. Such a beautiful family.

  • Letty - These are awesome!

  • Marsha Zahn - WOW-these are great photos. I have the cutest grandkids ever!

  • Steph Shawn - Photos are amazing! Love those kiddos. Nice Birkenstocks, Kev. 🙂

  • Amelia - Wow – amazing pictures of a beautiful family! I’m so jealous now (and mad at myself) that we didn’t take advantage of this happening in Atlanta!!

  • Kim Gold - Amazing!! Great job capturing the love and happiness of such a wonderful family!

  • Mike Standard - Excellent photos – three great looking kids, and the parents don’t even look tired (so they must be extremely well behaved kids too). 😉

  • randy finley - These are really beautiful!

  • Bill Shawn - Really fantasic pics. Great subjects and someone behind the camera that knows what their doing. Really neat….

  • Cristy McAtee - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!! The kids are getting so big! Can’t wait to meet Mr. Zachary some day soon. Miss you guys!

  • Sandra Maris - Fantastic photos , precious children, and cute parents, too!!!!
    From their other grandmother, Sandi

  • M'lissa Caines - Love , love , love! These are so great and I Zach is a little Kevin!! Can’t believe how big everyone is!!

  • Sarah Lewand - What beautiful pictures!!! You will be so glad you took these in a few years! I can’t believe how long Zach’s hair is now!


There’s really not anything better than playing in the wildflower field with a fun 6 year old girl!  Meet Anna…..

  • laura Myers - The pictures are BEAUTIFUL Matt and Angie!! We can’t wait to see the rest tomorrow morning!! You have definitely caught the fun and sweet spirit of Anna!! Thank you!!! Laura Myers

  • Paul Myers - Love the pictures! Beautiful!!!