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Three?   How can Miss Thing already be THREE?  If this is the first time you’ve seen our friend Miss E, click here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here  (PHEW!!!) for  recap of one of our favorite little girlfriends and her super fabulous parents…

  • Chris Smith - Gotta love her. Looking forward to the third BDay Party with them.

  • Tira - Three already? Wow! I have LOVED watching Everlee grow up here on your blog. I went back and looked at all her old posts. She is growing up to be such a beautiful girl. What a fun session and that last one is perfect! xoxo

  • Lan - Love, love, LOVE that lil coconut and family! Fantastic shots, setting and subjects, as always!

  • Tracy Walls - AMAZING pics! I love all of them – beautiful family and the photogpraphy is unbelievable! xoxo

  • sue - OMG….you three hurt my eyes… are all three so gorgeous!!

  • Donna Fadal - Holy Crap. Does it get any cuter than that???!!! I wanna be her agent.

  • Deborah - What CUTE CUTE pictures!! Everlee is beautiful and looks SO grown up!! Such a sweet family!!

  • Deborah Fuller - What CUTE CUTE pictures!! Everlee is beautiful and has grown so much! What a sweet family you are!!

  • Tiffany H - Love. Beauty. Blessed + more!!! So many amazing things about these pics. Thank you for sharing them with me. xoxo

  • Lindsey - Absolutely beautiful! You always capture so much emotion in each image!

  • Yvette Audrain - Love, Love, Love!

  • Micah Hernandez - She is SO beautiful, just like her mommy! Love the pics and can’t believe my little munchkin is 3!!

  • canvas photo - such beautiful shots so cute with great style great job!!!


I love photographing love…

  • Annetta Gower - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! We have no idea how we are going to chose for the album, much less wall portraits! A good problem to have… 🙂 Thank you!

  • Adrienne Herron - Great pics!

  • Jessica - Love them girl u guys look awesome 🙂

  • Carolyn - BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Ya both look awesome!! Congrats again Annetta on your new bundle of joy 🙂

  • Brooke Lloyd - Amazing!!! Perfectly captured one of the sweetest couples of all time–love these!!!

  • Shelly Gower - These are incredible photographs; a new definition of moving pictures! You both look wonderful!

  • Elizabeth - Love these. Annetta looks beautiful as always!!

  • Gloria - These pics are so cute…Can’t wait to see the baby!!!!
    Love you guys

  • Amanda Busse - LOVE these!!! Such awesome pictures!

  • diana diaz - Amazing pictures!!! Both of you look great!!!

  • Priscilla Botello - Who can find a virtuous woman? She is far more precious than jewels…. Proverbs 31:10, 25-30

    You are going to make an amazing mother! I’m overwhelmed with joy for the new blessing to your family. Love you both!!

  • Tanja Edenfield - Annetta, these are BEAUTIFUL. You look amazing and so happy.

  • Raul Tarango - Uhhh-mazing! You three look great! Love ya!

  • Jeff - Beautiful!

  • Cecilia Martinez - Great pics, love the first one… Nettie you look so beautiful & Jason so handsome!!! Can’t wait to see baby Gower.

  • carmen diaz - This is so amazing, i see the love coming out these pictures. So so awesome, you’ll are both glowing. Love you both

  • carmen diaz - Baby Gower you have some amazing parents,can’t wait to meet you. Love you guys

  • Lea Hissong - These are beautiful pictures, Annetta! I’m obsessed and you are glowing. What a special time!!!

  • Natalie - Aww i love the pics!!! Yall look so amazing!!!

  • linda reed - Beautiful pics can’t wait till July to greet the new addition to the family. Love them and you guys too.

  • Lisa - Gorgeous pictures of a sweet family! All three of you look so happy and the love for Baby G is jumping out of the pictures! 🙂

  • Jessica Caballero - Wow…they are all so beautiful!!! If I had to choose it’ll be the first one.
    Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!!!

  • Sinica Porter - Aww these pictures are beautiful Netta… I really like the first one! Decisions, Decisions!! Congrats to you & Jason on your bundle of joy, being a mommy is AWESOME!

  • Demeca - This pictures brought tears to my eyes! They are so adorable. You two look so happy and in LOVE.

  • Virginia - Wow!! You guys look amazing, and you can definitely feel the love

  • Marci Owens - Absolutely beautiful photographs of two beautiful people! Catching the joy and love through the camera is amazing!! These are priceles.

  • Matthew Reed - I my what an awesome set of photos…Beautiful work.

  • Paula - These are truly remarkable pictures. You both will make excellent parents.

  • Jason Gower - Angie – Thanks for making us look so great. Love the pictures!

  • Shelley Rodriguez - Gorgeous pics Sis and Jason! Can’t wait to meet my nephew or niece! Congrats guys! XOXO

  • Lupe Diaz - These photos are amazing.The capture of the moment was prefect.

  • Jessica Gower - I love all of these! Annetta I don’t know how you will ever choose! You look amazing!!


Yep, that’s right……SIX kids!  And everyone of them is kind and sweet.

  • Jennie Jacobs - What beautiful little angels. All 6 of them.

  • Robin - Another great photo session!! You captured all the cuteness and specialness of my children!

  • Diane - What awesome pictures, even of Girlie smiling!!

  • Brenda - They are all so cute! GREAT pictures!

  • Tami - Too cute! I love those Riddle kids!

  • Nancy - You guys always take great pictures and the photographer did an awesome job!

  • Jo Anna Cameron - Awesome pictures of AWESOME kiddo’s!

  • Natalia Gucciardo - Robin,
    Children look amazing!!! Love them all! I didn’t recognize Katya first:)


One last blog post before heading out of town to see my college gurrrrrls for our annual all-grown-up-sorority-sister weekend.  More posts headed to you on Monday! Here are PRECIOUS Caroline and Josie.  Do you not just want to squeeze them?!

  • Colleen - We love the pictures!!! Thanks again for another great session and the wonderful photos!!!

  • Goma Jane - What is it about little ones’ feet, and hands, and cheeks? They’re so precious. Good photography manages to capture them perfectly. Nice job.

  • Jane McCaffrey - We know a photo session captures just a moment in time … what’s lovely about these images is how you can actually sense this beautiful family living the happy life portrayed.

  • Robin - Such sweet sister moments. The Spring colors & light really compliment everyone so well. What a beautiful family.

  • Bebe - These are the prettiest little girls in the whole world!

  • Brian McCaffrey - You all look fantastic! The pictures are great and the girls look really happy.

  • PaPa - The pictures are truly wonderful. The old chair is a nice artistic touch. The photos of the girls interacting are really touching!

  • Jim Maertz - WOW!! Very Very nice!!

  • Bill Maertz - Great pics – cute
    Both Naomi and Aria are singing now and can harmonize. How about your little ones? ☺
    we love-em don’t we

  • Guy with the Gray Hairs - I’m a lucky man!

  • Uncle Bo - As cute as ever! No, not David – the girls. But David does look pretty cute too.

  • Katie Wharton - These are beautiful!! I love the one of you and CJ! 🙂 Such a beautiful family!

  • Ms. Piggy (Aunt Peggy) - Again – these are gorgeous. I can feel the sun, sense the love and smell the sweetness. I doooo want to squeeze them! I do! What fun to capture this moment in time. Wonderful job!

  • Tim - Awesome photos! Love the hug.

  • Debie McCaffrey - Super cute girls – and very nice family! xoxo

  • Nanny - Cute pictures! My girls look the way they are so beautiful. Excellent Work!

  • Crissi White - All four of you are GORGEOUS! I can see Colleen and David in both the girls. Darling.