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our syler

This precious baby boy is our little nephew.  And he could NOT be more perfect!  We are so very happy for Matt’s brother, Luke and our sweet sister in law, Lauren.  Love you guys!!  And thanks for putting up with me kissing on and fawning over Sy…..there are many more years of that to come!…

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  • Lauren Weedon - Amazing photos! Thank you so much for these – I know we will treasure them.


Continuing on with all these adorable people we get to see grow up each time a new baby comes to their family!  Check out precious baby Luke with big brother and sister Ethan and Hannah….

  • Jeff Radebaugh - Angie and Matt amaze us every time. Thank you so much for the beauty that you have captured with each of our children.

  • Brent Davis - Such beautiful children and photographs! What a great way to capture these memories!

  • Denise Stalcup - Absolutely Beautiful Family! Amazing shots!

  • Kathryn Hendrickson - Gorgeous photos!! I wish I had done this with my children.

  • Guy Poorman - These are great looking photos that will give a lifetime of memories!

  • Mike Jones - Great work! Love the black and white conversion of Jeff and the new addition!

  • Audrey - Love the photos! The kids are so sweet! Can’t believe you guys have 3 and we will too soon! Crazy!

  • Stephanie - Heather, they turned out so cute! Can’t wait to see more!

  • Trisha Thievon - Three beautiful children! So happy for the Radebaugh’s!

  • Jennifer Hill - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

  • Michelle Goodwin Hammel - The most beautiful pictures. Truly adorable.

  • Stefanie DeShetler - A beautiful family and beautiful photos! Nice work!

  • Sam Bigley - These are so adorable!!!! 🙂

  • Sam Bigley - I especially love mr. Luke in his hat and blanky! Cute!

  • Tammy Jones - Fabulous photos of a blessed & beautiful family!!!

  • Andrea Griffith - Wonderful pictures!!

  • Heather Radebaugh - Thank you guys for capturing the personalities of my loves. These pictures are priceless!

  • Susan Guest - These are such precious pictures of the Radebaugh family…they are beautiful!

  • David Goodwin - These are great pictures of my grandchildren. We call Angela the “child whisperer”. To be able to draw out the kids personalities is amazing. Thank you for your amazing skill!

  • Andrea Quevedo - Absolutely beautiful pictures!

  • Crystal - Such a beautiful family!

  • Julie Nickel - Amazing! Brilliant photography that captured these beautiful children during these tender moments, to keep and share, hopefully!

  • LaDonna Schneller - Beautiful pictures! I love them all. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kelsey Krug - So precious! You all win the most-photogenic family award! 🙂

  • Brooke Pendleton - Such a beautiful family captured in such beautiful photos

  • Leigh Talley - These are such beautiful pictures!

  • Erin Mulqueen - I love the ones of the kids but the one of just Luke in the hat is my favorite…what a beautiful baby!!

  • Paul Jonas - Great pictures and a beautiful family!

  • Amanda Candler - Gorgeous photos, gorgeous children!

  • Patti Goodwin - The pictures of Heather and Jeff Radebaugh with the children are just wonderful. Angela you are a child whisperer.

  • Ellen Rendle - Beautiful pics!