Yearly Archives: 2012

We just got back last night from a trip to Carmel, California to photograph this bunch again.  And it was BEAUTIFUL!  This year marks the 10th anniversary of photographing these friends.  Seriously, how can Spencer Grace possibly be ten years old???  We have so much more to share from all the wonderful shoots we’ve had this fall, and hopefully as my time designing holiday cards comes to a close I’ll be able to start blogging and posting on facebook a bit more!

Oh my gosh stop it!  I cannot  AT ALL get over  how cute this family is!  Every year I think there is no way they could get any more adorable, and there they go, proving me wrong once again!

Taking a break from watching electoral collage tallies to show off these great friends!  We love this family and it’s always a blast to have them in front of the camera…

Anyone who has ever been on this blog knows this beautiful family…and they’re back!  This time we headed to over to their house for the shoot.  It was super fun to see our friends in action; not only is the whole bunch ridiculously pretty and photogenic, they are total sports freaks too!    Trey is a basketball dunking machine and Taylor is an elite soccer player.    Oh and mama?  Yes, she’s also a soccer player, Pilates teacher and Bar Method instructor.   And for years I’ve been calling her the most beautiful woman in Dallas, and it looks like this year I’m not the only one.  We’ll soon see if she has won the actual title.  I think it’s kinda a no branier.  🙂