Monthly Archives: October 2011

Yea!  So excited to see these twin cuties again.  Mom said there was no way we could top last year’s session.  Wellllll…I so think we did!!  Here is a giant blog post to prove it:

We love the fall because every day is like a reunion with old friends!  Not even a big giant red scratch under Miss Elizabeth’s eye could stop our super-precious Saturday session from happening.  Thank you Photoshop!!

I’ll have to say, I get a little nervous before we photograph older kids.  I don’t know…..I’m so used to the little ones and the antics involved with making them giggle and smile that I’m so afraid Matt and I will look like total dorks to teens!  Well, these guys (who we last photographed SEVEN years ago!) were SO AMAZINGLY NICE AND FUN to photograph!  The whole family is just easy and fun and warm.  Now that Zan is off at college we were happy to capture these brothers together again!

Another family growing up way too fast!!  We are having a blast with this cooler weather,  fall colors and super fun families.  So good to see Luke and Brooke again, and I’m not even a bit bitter about being shorter than the kids I once photographed as newborns.  Nope not at all!

It’s that time of year again!  The time when we get to hang out with this gorgeous fam……the ones who are as beautiful inside as they are out.  I’ve found myself having a major reality check this fall.  It seems that this is the first year a bunch of the kids we photographed as newborns years ago are – get this –  as tall as me.  Reality bites.  Time to bring my ladder to the next session, huh Trey?

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the gun show.  Wow Tifany!!  You rock!